After tooth extraction the cheek is swollen: what to do and how to rinse?

Despite this, the mission to preserve the texture of the tooth in the longest period guides any dentist who proceeds to cure the patient; conditions occur if removal of the molar is inevitable. Thus, just as this dental practice can be characterized by surgical intervention, the lover is able to have certain unpleasant results and burdens, for example, after the tooth was pulled out, the fat man swelled up. In individual incidents, swelling does not in any way imply any danger, and by means of this or that, in this case the period is eliminated, but episodes occur if a secondary visit to the dentist is needed. You will know what to do after tooth extraction the cheek is swollen.

Causes of a tumor

Swelling of the gum after the molar has stopped can be caused by several factors after wisdom teeth extraction cheeks:

  • A complex continuous process according to the removal of the tooth. In the event that the doctor needs to remove the very broken canine, or is inaccessible, the circumstance is completely unimpressive, and then the fatty person has swelled up after the tooth was pulled out. This standard manifestation, as well as during the operation, a significant area of ​​plastic materials is damaged;
  • after wisdom teeth removal lump in cheek photoPartial localization of the molar, the presence of certain fragments of the tooth remain in the wound;
  • The presence of allergy in the patient in certain types of anesthesia;
  • Contamination of the infection. This is the presence of an incorrect treatment of patients with a decomposed area after curing;
  • A tumor already after the tooth is pulled out with a cyst;
  • Neoplasm of thin or high-quality disposition;
  • Inflammation of lymphoid structures in consequence of catarrhal diseases;
  • Incorrect implementation of the operator’s operation or a small disinfection of surgical instruments.


The state of the patient because of molar repair can bear a safe appearance, but in some cases, an auxiliary study of the patient and the purpose of the cure should be followed. In one form or another, the lesion is safe:

  1. small swelling of the decomposed area;
  2. not growing in mineral volumes;
  3. no increase in temperature in the patient;
  4. insignificant painful disgenitalism after cure;
  5. Dense liquidation of the completely bloody clot.

Unsafe conditions that cause auxiliary medical intervention:

  • prolonged blood flow;
  • soreness of the gums through the period after therapy;
  • after wisdom teeth extraction cheeks photothe apparent increase in flux during the course of the period (mastering the sublingual sphere and a huge proportion of the personality);
  • stench from the mouth;
  • compaction of plastic materials of the periosteum;
  • sore throat swallowing;
  • difficulty presence of jaw closure;
  • the loss of a bleeding clot from the socket and its dryness;
  • hyperthermia, a single impotence;
  • Violation of respiratory function, dyspnea.

Duration of edema and if you resort to a doctor again

Many patients are arrogant with the problem: how much will the swelling be after the tooth is pulled out? Flaccid capital in consequence of the procedure is able to appear at the end of the first day and the next day. In no way showing the threat of edema are stored up to 3 days with a characteristic reduction in size, unhealthy feelings and temperature.

With the usual healing, the deepening of the tooth must be covered with a bloody clot. It prevents the infection from getting into tender matter. In the event that the infection has occurred, without exception, after all, the lump of the month is filled with acute masses, what causes gingivitis arising on the third day.

In such conditions, it is necessary to resort to the hospital for the purpose of secondary examination and the direction of the cure after wisdom teeth removal lump in cheek.


Sensations that are formed after therapy can all bring enormous discomfort. The subsequent therapeutic events will make it possible to eliminate them:

  1.  after tooth extraction the cheek is swollen photoregular washing of the well with antiseptics (Drug, Chlorgexin, Hydrogen peroxide, Ducydin) and solutions of antibiotic quality (Cefazolin, Oxamp);
  2. oral administration or injective therapy with antibiotics (Trichopol, Medication);
  3. reception of non-steroid substances of a wide range (Metamizol sodium, Ketorolac, Nurofen);
  4. Vitamin additives, aimed at improving immunity.

Recommendations as well as remove the neoplasm after pulling the tooth with the national tools:

  • For 1/3 cup of warm boiled water, add a teaspoon of soda and a half of a teaspoon of salt soak the storage tank in the purchased solution and apply it to the festering place in FIFTEEN – TWENTY minutes. With this substance it is also possible to rinse the mouth;
  • you should rest in a large cushion, so as the highest placement of the head swiftly removes swelling;
  • You can use the methods hirudotherapy, in this case the leech is applied to the skin because of the ear from the edge of the tumor.

Possible weights and prevention

After cupping the molar, weights are likely. To them belong:

  1. hemorrhage into tender matter;
  2. dryness of the socket;
  3. alveolitis;
  4. osteomyelitis;
  5. pathological procedure of nervous completion;
  6. Fracture of the lower jaw.

In the prevention of a patient, it is preferable to adhere to the principles of individual hygiene. This will prevent infection in the wound and bring healing to a close. In the first period, after the cure, instead of the usual cleaning of teeth, the oral cavity must be caressed with a salt substance after eating. However, it must be done carefully, in order to prevent the bloody lump from washing away from the wound.

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