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Why does the child have crooked teeth?

When creating the first snow teeth, the eldest give particular attention to their whims, preventing the formation of caries. Unfortunately, in some cases, if the child’s teeth are unevenly pulled out, they let the question in during, assuming that the presence of the change of snow in the main bend is eliminated without the help

Why does the baby’s tooth pulsate?

Surely, anyone in his own existence met with dental nagging pain. In some cases, the beloved is so powerful that it is difficult for her to tolerate the older people. Especially creepy, if the canine pulses in children, since the baby cannot be explained in any way, what is needed is one or the other;

Where did the brown dot on the tooth come from?

Suddenly identified brown spot in the tooth is able to have the most different appearance: its factors are ready to appear as well as harmful habits or dental cures, and thus pathology of the capital of well-being in full. Identify in the resource of difficulty will be able to help the placement of such kind

Why do I have yellow teeth?

The yellowness of the teeth constantly makes a representation of untidiness, including in the case when the disease, in full, is strong and their “owner” thoroughly observes due to hygiene of the oral cavity. However, in the event that the fang quickly clicked, and began to differ in the background of others, this sends to

Toothache after childbirth: what should I do?

Problems with the teeth after the families – the manifestation that everything is quite widespread. Suffering in the teeth, their swift, almost terrible disintegration, unpleasant odor from the mouth and numerous other signs began earlier than their own family by natural maternity companions. However, these difficulties do not arise at all – a presentation of

Brown plaque on the teeth – causes and treatment

The brown element in the teeth comes to such a degree often, something that may seem at first sight almost an ordinary phenomenon. However, dentists do not get tired of preventing: this cosmetic defect can be the basis for the most significant difficulties that will require a period and significant economic costs in their therapy.