Whether it is necessary to address to the dentist if you have noticed black dots on the teeth?

Let’s consider why black dots on the teeth appear, what causes of this defect, photos and treatment. Is it serious disease? Probable, it’s just an aesthetic nuisance or still the result of various pathological processes in your mouth?

Achieving ultrawhite smile requires daily efforts, following personal hygiene, meticulous care and timely treatment to the dentist. This is the only way you can be sure that the various defects don’t appear suddenly and will not spoil a radiant look.


The reasons affecting tooth enamel shade, include a lot of different factors both external and internal. Let’s consider the most common reasons among them:

  • black dots on back teeth photolack of proper hygiene and proper care of the oral cavity leads to formation of plaque and subsequent gradual destruction of the tissues;
  • bad habits, such as smoking, create not only plaque of unpleasant shade, but in general had a negative impact on the health of the mouth;
  • the frequent use of colored drinks and food (coffee, black tea, soda, etc.), they can stain the dental enamel and change its natural shade that requires frequent tooth bleaching;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in the disorders of acid balance, and as a result the enamel is inflamed, increasing its sensitivity and change natural shade;
  • copper or other metal objects in your mouth (fillings, braces, dentures) can change the color of the dentition when the oxidation or allergic reactions;
  • enamel erosion that requires immediate correction and additional medical procedures;
  • pathological processes as a result of infection of hard tissues, started caries;
  • long-term use of certain antibiotics (often tetracycline);
  • work at industrial enterprises, when a person has to constantly breathe with acid fumes, heavy metals, etc.;
  • impaired nutrition, metabolism, and love to harmful products, the frequent use of sugar and sweets result in accelerated destruction of hard tissue.

So, what black spots on the teeth mean? In some cases, it refers only to some aesthetic defects, but no caries that can bleach using professional procedures. But more often they talk about beginning problems such as plaque or dental tartar, pathological changes of tissues and even disorders of internal organs.

If these little dots have appeared recently and there is a few of them, then most likely it is a sign of a dental plaque that you can get rid of meticulous hygienic procedure, or in the office of a dentist.

Black teeth in a child

The problem of the emergence of black dots on the front teeth is most often experienced by children. Some of them even first erupted teeth immediately are covered with spots and defects. In addition, this shows internal disorders or caries appearance, you can also find out other reasons:

  1. black spots on the teeth photogenetic predisposition and factors;
  2. the result of pregnant woman took some medicines;
  3. disturbed microflora of the mouth or gastrointestinal tract;
  4. an acute shortage of calcium in the child’s body;
  5. the absence of a thorough dental care;
  6. thyroid gland problems;
  7. enamel hypoplasia, etc.

It is not worth to ignore such problems because milk teeth become black for some reason. It is necessary to eliminate this factor before permanent units will appear. To do this, you should visit the dentist, pediatrician, gastroenterologist and other doctors.

Dots on the teeth of another shade

black dots on the front teeth photoBesides black dots on back teeth, other spots of various colors may appear. It is necessary to pay attention to this factor. What can they mean?

  • The presence of yellow enamel shows the plaque formation. It can appear because of colored food, drinks, smoking or even poor dental care.
  • Sometimes spots appear from receiving drugs that it is impossible to remove using cleaning or even professional whitening.
  • White spots appear as a result of fluorosis that shows the increased level of fluoride in the solid tissues and requires correction.

What to do?

To remove black dots or any other unnatural shade of enamel you should address to a dentist who will determine why tissues are inflamed. Only after setting the real cause, you can talk about targeted treatment. In different cases, the appropriate methods are applied:

  1. At an early stage of caries a doctor will treat the affected area and fill the tooth, if necessary.
  2. Lack of calcium or other substances is filled using fluoridation and remineralization, done in the doctor’s office.
  3. If inflamed area reached internal areas, you will have to remove the pulp, which will save a tooth, but only for a while.

What to do to avoid similar formations and defects? For this purpose it is enough to clean the mouth twice a day using the appropriate means, in particular, to pay attention to the areas between the teeth, rinse your mouth after each meal and visit the dentist twice a year and pass preventive examinations. It is easier to prevent any disease than to cure the consequences of careless attitude to the teeth.

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