What is the danger of a black hole in the tooth?

The formation of any defect on the teeth is always an unpleasant discovery. The pain in the meal can be caused by the following: there was a whole in the tooth. Especially if the cause of its appearance becomes its own negligence or inattentive attitude to oral care. These are the reasons most often appear in the formation of holes in one or more teeth-carious cavities, capable of transforming into a serious and «costly» problem.


A hole in the tooth on the side or on the chewing surface is most often formed due to caries. But what leads to its appearance? There are many factors, among which the most common are:

  • Insufficient oral care.
    The recommendation to brush teeth at least twice a day is not just a whim of dentists, but one of the few proven ways to reduce plaque formation on teeth and slow down the growth of bacteria colonies that destroy enamel.
  • There's a hole in my tooth photoAddicted to sweet and flour food.
    Several studies have confirmed that sugar itself has no bearing on the development of caries, as has been claimed for many decades. The problem is that sugar is a component of products that strengthen plaque formation on teeth (chocolate, ice cream, biscuits and so on). People who avoid sweets, but consuming a lot of baking and bakery products, are equally susceptible to caries as sweet, because these products also create a sticky and steady plaque on the teeth.
  • Genetic predisposition.
    If the caries is observed in one or both parents, even if the requirements for oral hygiene are carefully observed, the likelihood that they will give their children a predisposition to the disease reaches 75%. People who bugs a defect, supporters: «There’s a hole in my tooth!» But it should be known that in some cases heredity plays a role in the formation of holes in the tooth.
  • Hypoplasia enamel.
    Disorders of intrauterine development, transferred in childhood rickets, endocrine diseases and other factors can lead to thinning of enamel. At the same time, it loses some of its protective qualities, and is more susceptible to caries.
  • Damage to the enamel.
    Cracks and chips on the enamels provide pathogenic microbes access directly to the dentine — the tissue forming the tooth crown. Therefore, people with the habit of opening their teeth packing with anything, bottles, or cleaning interdental gaps with pins, pins are more prone to caries.

Related symptoms

Even before the hole in the tooth may appear hypersensitivity tooth. When some substances get on the tooth is an unpleasant feeling, which can not be called a pain, but can not be attributed to normal condition. These include:

  1. cold food or liquid;
  2. sour food;
  3. sweet food

After the carious cavity has been formed, an unpleasant odor appears from the mouth. It is caused by congestion in a hole of food particles and soft plaque which decompose under the influence of bacteria.

Gradually, the cavity increases, and the tooth begins to respond to acute pain on the thermal and chemical effects:

  1. contact with cold,
  2. interaction with heat,
  3. contact with the sour environment and so on.

This is the beginning of pulpitis — inflammation of the pulp, which may be followed by the need to remove it.


The choice of tactics of treatment is influenced by several factors:

  • Degree of tooth decay.
    If in a tooth a hole forming a large cavity reaching a pulp, can be applied pulp removal. Before you wonder: «How to treat a black hole in my tooth?», it is necessary to study peculiarities of procedure. During this procedure the doctor removes the pulp, washes and cleans the root canals thoroughly, and then carries out their filling. Upon completion of all manipulation the anatomical form of the tooth is restored with the help of restorative dental materials. At destruction of walls of a tooth, or their critical thinning in root channels the pin can be established — a screw construction intended for durability of the artificial crown which is created from polymers. Also in this case the tab — «internal» prosthesis of a dental crown which is established in a cavity of a tooth, and on top is covered by filling materials can be used.
  • black hole in my tooth photoLocation of the tooth.
    A hole in the anterior tooth at the side or front requires the use of aesthetic restoration techniques. For this purpose, photopolymer materials are used, which allow to recreate exactly the shape, size and color of the tooth. At multiple carious cavities or holes formed by old chipped on a tooth, after sealing it is recommended to install special linings-veneers or Lumineers. These designs are made of the finest dental ceramics, which is characterized by high durability and durability, and thus perfectly imitates the texture, color and svetoprelomljajushhie characteristics of its own enamel. Such overlays carry out both aesthetic function, and protective — prevent destruction of teeth.
  • Functionality of the tooth.
    A hole in the wisdom tooth on the side, top and in any of its sections is often the indication to remove the tooth. This is due to the fact that the third molars do not perform any functions, and are prone to rapid wear, which makes their treatment and preservation impractical. The exception is when one or more teeth are missing before the wisdom tooth, making the third molar a potential «support» for the future bridge prosthesis. In this case, if the third molar is completely penetrated, the doctor may decide whether to treat it.


To not be surprised: «I have a hole in my tooth!», you can follow the necessary preventive measures. To maintain the health of teeth developed a set of rules that will help prevent the development of not only caries, but also other dental diseases:

  1. clean your teeth at least twice a day and use a properly selected brush and paste;
  2. after snacks, especially sweet and flour products, carefully rinse the mouth with clean water;
  3. clean the interdental gaps with a special thread.

In the case of malocclusion or  «crowded»  teeth use after brushing the teeth irrigator — a hole in the front tooth on the side or in the cervical part of it is often formed with unevenly placed teeth, which do not allow you to thoroughly clean them with a single brush.

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