Is the black raid on the teeth dangerous?

When a dark element is revealed in the teeth, this cannot simply touch, but frighten. The factor of this kind of interaction will not only be the aesthetic field of difficulty, but also the anxiety due to the state of well-being in full. In addition, you do not miss, decide, that a dark speck or stripes in the enamel is the criterion of the disease.


In the main sequence of black plaque on teeth, it is necessary to delineate the dental granite from the dark raid. In the event that you spot a darkish brown, almost bronze-chocolate tone spot in the posterior plane of the teeth, in the interdental intervals or in the fissures (grooves in the chewing plane of the main teeth), this dental element, which, due to the action of microorganisms and enzymes, saliva thickened and pigmented .

Among the factors that give rise to a dark element in the teeth is the letter of one that would be content with dental curative difficulties. Among the diseases and conditions that plunge into the formation of this plaque, the following are more well-known:

  1. Dysbacteriosis of the intestinal tract and / or oral cavity. Incorrect feeding, endocrine diseases, contagious pathologies and numerous other conditions can violate jewelry and a clear balance among all microorganisms that create a microflora. In this case, the “necessary” microflora agents lose the ability to control the number of relatively pathogenic and pathogenic bacteria. From among them, there are pigment-forming bacteria, which in the process of their vital activity are accentuated by a dark element, which sits in the teeth.
  2. In the bulk of the situation, the so-called “Priestley element” (based on the above-described microorganisms) is traced in snow teeth, but the older ones can also be subject to this whim.
  3. black tartar on teeth photoImbalance of micro- and microelements. The main factors of the appearance of a dark plaque are the lack of evaporation of the “element + metal” and excess iron. In the original case, the coating is done, relatively expressing, tender, and its transmissibility is increased. In accordance with this, each product of feeding or a drug containing in its own structure including the smallest concentration of pigments remove black plaque on teeth, any one time retains “enamel” in the enamel. With a period, the coating acquires all the blackest coloring, without exception, and becomes dark in the inaccessible areas.
  4. When surplus iron all without exception, is done with faithfulness up to the contrary: the staining of the enamel takes place inside – the atoms of the gland are enlisted in the matter of the tooth with monthly current, eventually staining them in strips or a speck of dark tone, which can be looked at sometimes.
  5. Dysfunction of saliva. The secret is the only one with the first barriers in the way of infections coming into the mouth cavity. In addition, the beloved takes on the assistance in power by the formula of microflora. However, the presence of certain diseases (sweet disease, GERD, etc.), the pH of the saliva shifts to a pro-acid or alkaline side, which leads to an aggressive increase in pathogens, in this amount – pigment-forming microorganisms.
  6. Necrosis of pulp. This disappearance of the delicate matter of the tooth, which leads to an absolute change in its tone. However, in the initial period, if the procedure has only just begun, in the tooth, the “dark element” appears in the border with the right, and eventually covers the newest zones. Soon the patient is made clear that the situation does not have any relationship to the attack, but first the necrosis is capable of inculcating into the wrong interpretation of the question.

Concomitant symptoms of black tartar on teeth

If dental signs do not accompany the tooth in the tooth – this is not a reason to postpone the situation for a while. Concentrate your interest in other traits of trouble, which, in combination with the education of the raid, have all the chances to indicate significant failures in the body:

  • remove black plaque on teeth photoan unpleasant odor from the mouth, which is not eliminated by brushing your teeth;
  • burning in the mucous cavity of the mouth and in style after the way of sweet, harsh food;
  • the appearance in the style plane of a snow-white, yellow-greenish plaque and / or a change in the relief of the plane (too strict, loose, variegated cracks);
  • unpleasant or unusual taste in the mouth, not in any way interconnected with the way of eating (for example, the feeling of sweet or sour saliva).


Considering the “internal” prerequisites for the emergence of this characteristic largely, treatment of the main disease or capital (dysbacteriosis therapy, standardization of the degree of calcium, magnesium and gland, etc.) is considered the main course in curing. This will give an opportunity as well as remove the dark element, and thus not allow complications in a single state of well-being.

Among the dental treatment methods there are all chances to use the following:

  1. black plaque on teeth photoIt is maintained with the support of specialized pastes, which are imposed in the plane of the teeth and abstained in the course from 5 minutes. Up to half an hour. The direction is 3-7 operations, due to the initial tone of the teeth and the expected total. In addition, the method of clarifying the enamel with a laser and ultrasound is used – near the influence of laser or supersonic energy, the brightening elements are more thoroughly contained in the enamel matter, which makes it possible to reduce the direction of the cure and make it the most effective.
  2. Fixing of overlays. The presence of a weakened and / or too dark sometimes enamel whitening is harmful. In this case, installation of veneers or luminaires is recommended, which eliminate the aesthetic part of the difficulty.


Preventive measures preventing the occurrence of a dark plaque are not limited to the conditions for accurate and constant oral hygiene:

  • Watch because of the capital of well-being in full and the presence of the first because the properties of trouble to go to the doctor.
  • Any pharmaceutical substances, in this amount, from the category of vitamins and vitamin ensembles, must be perceived only according to the doctor’s purpose.
  • With the passage of the direction of treatment with calcium and gland substances, it is necessary to constantly carry out research, in the process by which the degree of data of chemical components in monthly is found in the laboratory.

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