Brown plaque on the teeth – causes and treatment

The brown element in the teeth comes to such a degree often, something that may seem at first sight almost an ordinary phenomenon. However, dentists do not get tired of preventing: this cosmetic defect can be the basis for the most significant difficulties that will require a period and significant economic costs in their therapy.

Symptoms of brown plaque on teeth

In all cases, an element of a dull chestnut or dark chestnut tone is a mineralized deposit that has been colored by the influence of pigments that are there in the body or coming from outside. However, someone is formed according to different circumstances:

  1. brown plaque on front teeth photoPoor quality clearing of the oral cavity. In this case, the chestnut element in the teeth from the inner edge is more generally traced – it is more difficult to remove the “short-term” deposits, consisting of elements of food, dead cells of the slimy layer and agents of the microflora of the oral cavity, directly on the dental brush. With a period, the light element is mineralized and hardens by the action of saliva enzymes (which has the quality to be collected from the front teeth, stimulating this procedure), and the element is transformed into granite, almost “sticking” to the plane of the teeth.
  2. Features of the location of the teeth. The presence of too close a tooth location in the system, including the highest quality clearing, can be weak – the toothbrush or thread is incapable of removing the chestnut element among the teeth, thus preventing its formation, and thus have no chances to get into interdental intervals. However, an almost absolute lack of space is not considered an obstacle with the goal of small microorganisms, which rapidly proliferate and activate the formation of tooth flint.

Exchange pathologies. The presence of diseases, which accompany the pathology of mineral water and salt-water metabolism in a tender plaque, initially contains a high number of rottisite salts, and the disinfecting qualities of saliva present are reduced. In consequence, a demand is formed, the presence of which the formation of the plaque accelerates, and the dynamic nature of the microorganisms is not held in any way.

  • Features of the menu. In the event that, with the use of the river and the expresso, everything is without exception obvious – they include pigments that color the element in chestnut color, in such a case, the formation of such a plaque in people who use the given alcohol is capable of creating puzzling. However, the factor is the use of cleaned goods, watery or crushed food, hostility to fresh vegetables and fruits – the condition, the presence of which chewing role of teeth is applied to the least extent. However, in the course of chewing, not only food is crushed and filled with peptic enzymes of saliva. Chewing is important and for the teeth themselves, which are cleaned in a similar way. In accordance with this, a shortage in the diet of hard goods is made a promise with the aim of creating a dental brown plaque between teeth.
  • brown plaque between teeth photoThis fact is vital for people with diseases of the temporomandibular joint and with missing teeth from one side – the manner or need to chew food with only one bypass, leads to the appearance of a chestnut plaque in the second, “not a proletarian” side.
  • The pH of the saliva is shifted to the sour side. This is characteristic of peoples suffering from stomach diseases with high secretory function, GERD and adherents of acidic food. In this case, the secret acquires hostile qualities according to the relationship to the enamel of the teeth, making it spongy. This does not increase the possibility of plaque buildup, but forms a requirement for its strengthening in the plane of the teeth – a light element and bacteria in the absence of work fall into a loose coating, where they are made inaccessible for brush and dental paste.

Methods of treatment

  1. When disclosing a chestnut deposit, it is always necessary to remove it. Thus, just as the conversation goes on tooth flint that work can be broken down, in the process of high-class cleaning, physiological instruments (specialized hooks, dental scoop, etc.) are also used, thus also hardware methods. In their number, the laser and sound elimination of hard plaque and a special concept that forms an oriented and controlled atmosphere flow, including in itself grinding particles.
  2. In the abandoned variants, if the dental granite was previously transferred to the line from the right or near it, after the cleaning, it is necessary to perform the cure – putting pharmaceutical pastes in dent gingival pockets and the purpose of rinsing and sprinkling with disinfectant solutions.
  3. Care should be taken with regard to the bleaching tools sold outside the pharmacy nets – in shopping malls of cosmetics, in the network of Internet websites, etc. The advertisement often shows how to freely remove the chestnut element in the teeth – a photo “up to” and “Already after” appear to be more than weighty. However, in such formulations, hostile chemical associations and grinding elements are often used, which have all the chances to provoke irreparable changes in hard matter of teeth and cause serious dental results.


Careful and systematic clearing of the oral cavity is the safest way to prevent the creation of brown plaque on front teeth.

However, the use of additional laws will translate the possibility of such a defect to zero:

  • brown plaque on teeth photoInclude in the daily diet of damp vegetables and fruits. Evaporation of apples or typical carrots, portions of salad from fresh cabbage or other fruits or vegetables, which you adore (or, according to the last line, tolerate) will be enough to strengthen the masticatory function of the teeth.
  • If the interdental intervals are too close, discontinue the use of the filament, which in such conditions causes more injury to the gingival papillae, rather than eliminates the element. Instead of floss use an irrigator – someone will be able to eliminate parts of food and a light element from various areas of the mouth, in this amount, among the teeth.
  • In due time, doctors treat diseases of TRACT – they have every chance to directly or indirectly influence the health of teeth and gums.

If you often form a chestnut element in the front teeth according to the factor of intensive use of the expresso or the river, and refrain from these elixirs you can not in any way – after any emptied portion rinse the mouth with the cleanest water.

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