Why there was a bump on the gum?

Bump on the gums can be the result of serious disease in the mouth. Its formation is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms and can seriously get human’s attention. It is important not to waste time and immediately proceed to the treatment of this phenomenon, because complications are dangerous due to teeth loss and involvement of the neighboring tissues, such as bones of the jaw.

But first of all, it is necessary to figure out what was the reason for its occurrence. As a rule, it may indicate the development of such diseases:

  • Fibroma is a benign tumor that consists of epithelial cells. Firstly, it has a small size, does not provide any inconvenience and does not cause pain. Then under the influence of negative factors can fibroma can become malignant. These bumps are excised only surgically;
  • Parulis is characterized by an acute inflammation of the tissue and swelling with pus formation. The reason for its occurrence is infection that spreads through the mouth, for example, when caries;
  • bump on the gums photoThe result of teeth extraction – the inflammatory process in the area of empty hole that provokes the appearance of uncharacteristic swelling. It occurs as a result of falling pathogenic bacteria into an open wound if a person does not follow oral hygiene. Hard bump on gum after tooth extraction are usually formed after 3-4 days;
  • Hematoma is a swelling, which appeared as a result of trauma to the gums (whack). It has a bluish color and often does not require medical intervention;
  • Cyst is a swelling which occurs under the influence of negative factors, for example, as a result of the acute infectious diseases if a person has a low immunity or after mechanical damage of the soft tissues. Cyst bump on gums is hard like bone and reaches up to 1 centimeter in size;
  • Gum cancer is the most dangerous disease that can be fatal. It is characterized by the bump formation, consisting of malignant cells. In the early stages, the bump on the gums can has no pain, it can passé asymptomatic and appear only after a few months.

Accompanying symptoms

The growth of tumor on the gums may be accompanied by these symptoms:

  1. painful sensations, which can move from the area of gums and teeth to the head, ears, lymph glands;
  2. bump on the gums can has no pain photohigh temperature;
  3. pus;
  4. bad breath;
  5. bleeding gums;
  6. swelling of the soft tissues, including the cheeks;
  7. light itching of gums;
  8. general fatigue, weakness and lack of appetite.


A thorough examination is needed to determine the reasons of dangerous red bump on the gum above tooth and choose the right methods of treatment. Such diagnostic methods are used:

  • visual analysis;
  • palpation of the affected area;
  • radiography;
  • computed tomography of teeth;
  • diagnosis of hidden caries.

However, a specialist can assign clinical blood analysis, the results of which are used to determine the need of antibiotics. The doctors also recommend making bacterial seeding to determine exactly the group of microorganisms that caused the disease,

Traditional treatment

In the framework of the traditional treatment, surgical methods for tumor excising and drug therapy are applied. In practice these methods are often used in complex to achieve maximum results.

bump on the gum above tooth photoSurgical treatment is used only when it is impossible to get rid of bumps by using drugs. The surgery is carried out with the use of pain medication. Depending on the variety of the disease, which provoked the appearance of bumps on the gum below a tooth , the course of the operation will vary. For example, if a person has a fibroma, a doctor completely excise a tumor. While, if a person has parulis, firstly, it is necessary to open the swelling, then put the drainage to let pus out. If there is a white bump on the gum near bad tooth, the dentist also conducts his treatment – cleans the channels, stops a tooth.

Drug treatment involves taking medications, which can stop the inflammation, eliminate painful symptoms, disinfect mouth, fight harmful microorganisms, reduce a fever and relieve swelling. White bump on gum can indicate cancer and in this case it is necessary to prescribe chemotherapy.

The use of traditional medicine can be combined with traditional methods. In the treatment of bumps on gum mouth washes treatment, compresses and ointments are used. For its preparation, these components can be used:

  1. Salt – relieves swelling and pain. It is added in solutions for moth washes;
  2. Daisy – a medicinal plant with multiple useful properties. In the treatment of bumps on gum it suspends development of an inflammatory process that disinfects the mouth;
  3. Oak bark is used to accelerate healing of open wounds or to treat bleeding gums;
  4. soda is used for pain treatment. It is mixed together with salt and water, then apply for mouth washes 5-7 times throughout the day;
  5. Sage has an anti-inflammatory effect. Restorative drink of this plant is used for compresses;
  6. honey, propolis are applied to remove puffiness and redness and relieve the pain. They are used for making ointments;
  7. Garlic has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This means you should not use when there are open wounds, as it can irritate mucous membranes and thereby exacerbate soreness.

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