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Is the black raid on the teeth dangerous?

When a dark element is revealed in the teeth, this cannot simply touch, but frighten. The factor of this kind of interaction will not only be the aesthetic field of difficulty, but also the anxiety due to the state of well-being in full. In addition, you do not miss, decide, that a dark speck or

A tooth seal broke out – what should I do?

People find it really comforting when caries has been treated for all the distresses are far away, money paid, no drilling noise, and they have some break before the next time at dentist’s. And what a disaster it is to discover that a tooth seal fell out, meaning the necessity to face the stress again

Why does my tooth rot?

When the decay of teeth occurs near the effect of rotten actions, the situation looks unsightly. The presence of this cannot only decay the fang – someone “radiates” an unpleasant or obviously stinky aroma, which makes the difficulty of the presence of communication with those around them and, in large part, adversely affect the social

Why the enamel on the tooth has worn off?

Attrition of the enamel on the teeth is a natural process which is peculiar to the elderly people. But when this relates to people of young and middle age, it’s a pathological process – a premature destruction of dental tissues that form the crown part of the tooth. The symptoms that enamel on the teeth

What is dangerous dark stain on the tooth?

A beautiful smile with shining white teeth – that’s what we want to see when smiling at yourself in the mirror. But we are not happy with one or more dark stains on teeth as they ruin our dreams of having a sparkling smile. Causes and symptoms Some people have a thin and deficient in amount enamel, that’s

Why does the tooth hurt without a nerve?

The removal of the tooth nerve many perceive as a panacea: excruciating pain that worries for a long time, will no longer be known. The stronger the perplexity when after some time the tooth deprived of a pulp and, accordingly, nervous tissues, suddenly withdraws pain. Concerned patients supporter: «Tooth without a nerve hurt!». So why