Category: Symptoms

Why there was a bump on the gum?

Bump on the gums can be the result of serious disease in the mouth. Its formation is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms and can seriously get human’s attention. It is important not to waste time and immediately proceed to the treatment of this phenomenon, because complications are dangerous due to teeth loss and involvement of the

When and why put drainage in the gum?

Parulis in the mouth is painful and very nasty process that gives complications on the mucous membrane. Pus and inflammatory fluid are accumulated in the gums, leading to severe swelling and discomfort. The disease often ends with infection of the internal organs and other problems. In order to exclude them, the dentist tries to entirely

Detecting and Treating a Cracked Tooth

The appearance of a crack on the teeth can be treated as a cosmetic defect or as a serious dental problem. But whichever option you choose, you will be equally right: depending on the causes of this condition and other circumstances, the crack can be both a “harmless” sign, and evidence of severe health problems.