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Symptoms and treatment of caries in children

Children caries is a fairly common condition. It is no good to take it carelessly, a four-year old child who developed the disorder is likely to suffer its impact on permanent teeth that are to replace the milk ones. Dental decay is usually found in children age 2-3 years, but there have been cases of

What to do if your teeth are black?

Dental diseases are a very unpleasant problem, at least once present in the life of every person. Someone is inconvenienced by increased sensitivity of teeth, someone’s teeth crumble and it is not clear what to do in this situation. And someone suffers from the fact that his tooth is black. This is a fairly common

Symptoms and treatment of periodontosis

Main signs and symptoms periodontosis: toothache, bleeding gums, gums are inflamed, itching in the gums, pale gums, recession of gum, erosion of teeth. Periodontosis is a non-inflammatory, usually concerned with dissolution of tissues near the teeth, disease. As a result, tooth moves out of a bone and becomes mobile. Usually, the disease brings no pain