How to get rid of toothache with Codeine?

Severe toothache delivers a lot of troubles: not only spoils mood, does not allow to fall asleep, to eat, to work, but it also may be accompanied by other painful manifestations. Pain in the teeth is often accompanied by fever, inflammation of the cheeks, gums, general deterioration of health. All these signals indicate that there is an urgent need to consult a dentist. In the case of acute toothache you should be taken in the clinic out of turn and for free.

Let’s consider the most likely causes of toothache

  1. Dental caries. In the early stages of the destruction of the tooth, pain is negligible, and even almost invisible, invoked most often by cold or hot food and drinks, as well as acidic or sweet foods. When caries is deeper, the pain occurs every time while eating and brushing teeth.
  2. codeine for toothache photoThinning enamel or a crack on it contributes to increased tooth sensitivity.
  3. When inflammation of pulp (soft tissue tooth with nerve), pain can occur spontaneously (usually at night) and be given to the temple or ear.
  4. Periodontitis – inflammation of the tissue surrounding the tooth tip. The pain often has throbbing nature and it is enhanced when you touch the tooth, gums. It may be accompanied by inflammation of the gums, loosening of the tooth.
  5. Periodontitis – inflammation of peri-toothed bone tissue often caused by penetration of infection and can be accompanied by the formation of cysts.

Ways and means of getting rid of a toothache

There are five main methods to help relieve the toothache:

  • taking analgesics and NSAIDS, for example codeine for toothache (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs); the application of the folk means;
  • acupressure;
  • dental treatment;
  • tooth extraction.

Note that the first three methods bring only temporary relieve of toothache and require caution applied in a number of contraindications, in hypersensitive, pregnancy. Tooth extraction is an extreme measure and is usually used in cases of acute periodontitis, serious injuries to the jaw.

What to do in case of acute toothache?

Analgesic pharmaceuticals are the most affordable means of toothache.

The most effective means when the pain in the teeth are products containing ketoprofen (Ketanov, Ketorol, Ketorolac and others), dexketoprofen (Dexalgin) or codeine for toothache. These medications can remove toothache for 5-6 hours and simultaneously possess anti-inflammatory activity. In this group, it should also be noted ibuprofen (Nurofen, MIG, Faspik and others), naproxen (Sanaproks, Naprios) and flurbiprofen (Flugalin).

codeine for toothache photoPretty powerful pain-killers and anti-inflammatory means remain diclofenac and aceclofenac, belonging to the group of phenylacetic acid derivatives, but they are not applied in dentistry.

The most affordable medications for toothache are analgin and acetaminophen, but they can only help in cases of mild pain. These drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy (other than acetaminophen, which can be used from the second trimester), younger children (except of dipyrone and paracetamol), and undesirable in old age.

It should be reminded that medications containing codeine phosphate for toothache were banned for sale in Russia a year ago. Analgesics containing weak drug codeine may be prescribed by a doctor and only sold by prescription.

Methods of folk medicine have softer action and, importantly, local impacts at a toothache:

  1. Ice helps a toothache for a short time. Attaching a piece of ice to a sore tooth, you get an effect comparable with the effect of local anesthesia, except that it will go away after 5 minutes.
  2. Another easy way is to rinse the mouth with a solution of baking soda: 1 teaspoon per cup of water. In a solution, you can add a teaspoon of salt and a few drops of iodine.

Acupressure as a method of alternative medicine also helps to temporarily remove the toothache. According to Chinese traditional medicine massaging certain points can not only relieve pain but also completely remove it. Such exotic method should be approached with caution and you should stop the massage if there is any deterioration in health.

Toothache during pregnancy

codeine phosphate for toothache photoWhen planning a pregnancy, dentists advise to women in advance to visit the dentist, to avoid unpleasant surprises during gestation. However, hormonal changes in the body, lack of vitamins and minerals, toxaemia may still lead to diseases of the teeth and gums during pregnancy.

Perhaps, the safest means of getting rid of a toothache will rinse the oral cavity or lotions made with homemade recipes. Of course, the use of various herbal concoctions and infusions should be treated with caution, since they can in addition to the main disease cause an allergic reaction.

In antenatal clinics, doctors usually recommend Paracetamol as a painkiller. This tool operates solely on the source of the pain, without affecting other organs.

Help for toothache

To eliminate the cause of toothache can only qualified specialist who will pick up the correct treatment and finally save you from suffering.

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