Why does the child have crooked teeth?

When creating the first snow teeth, the eldest give particular attention to their whims, preventing the formation of caries. Unfortunately, in some cases, if the child’s teeth are unevenly pulled out, they let the question in during, assuming that the presence of the change of snow in the main bend is eliminated without the help of others. This wrong action, as well as in the adolescent year, children can form a set, someone will limit the grin, feeling a depressed position. No need to postpone pathology in the absence of interest, it is more correct to understand in its circumstances, ways of offering support.

Features of the stage of increasing teeth

  1. Crooked tooth hurts photoThe rudiments of the snowy teeth begin to be created in the womb of the mother. Approximately, in the six-month year they eventually cut through the delicate matter of the oral cavity, becoming visible. This period is considered rather difficult for the purpose of the child and his mother and father, because feeling very uncomfortable, the kid becomes wayward, his body torso increases, and often does not want to eat. The older people are very excited about this, strive to help the baby in all ways, and often do not sleep enough.
  2. This short-term gap occurs with all children, without exception, it must be waited. However, if the elders saw that the toothbrushes are unevenly cut, there is no need to consider that the presence of a change of their stable, the difficulty is eliminated. Even after the development of the absolute structure of bone tissue, the oral cavity must necessarily visit the dentist.
  3. During the formation of teeth among them are insignificant intervals. This is in accordance with the norm, as they should place for increasing. However, the initial examination by the doctor will give an opportunity to disclose painful changes in time, to eliminate them in time.

Possible prerequisites for crooked growth

If the toothbrushes have unevenly climbed up to six months, it is recommended to carry out continuous supervision of the capital and the formation of the bone substance of the mouth of the baby. It is preferable to start monitoring at the dentist up to the two-year-old, in order to eliminate the defect, since in this period a white occlusion is created. Factors of a curved increase in the tooth structure are:

  • A small number of hard goods have been introduced in the feeding menu. As a result, the osteo-mandibular device feels a small physiological load, the muscular set of the snowy bite is characterized by inhibited formation, and the chewing reaction is created with suspension.
  • crooked tooth hurts photoHereditary predilection. In the event that the family members of the child have similar difficulties, in the bulk of the situation, this destiny will know him.
  • Abnormal physical structure of the style. In the event that someone exceeds the usual volume, there is a curvature of the bridle; the formation of the tooth structure is uneven, causing the curvature of bone matter.
  • A long period of nutrition with the initial milk, and in addition a long period of the introduction of a string from a bottle, a drinker. In these variants, the prosthesis also experiences an unsatisfactory load.
  • Often the cyclic sucking reaction of the finger by the child, the loosening of nails, toys is also considered a factor in the curved tooth structure.

Shortage in the feeding of goods, wealthy vitamins, rutisite supplements. Diseases of the nasal cavity and respiratory lines, the presence of which the baby is often embroidered with lips. Curved disease in children in addition have all the chances to be caused by the way the mother of drugs in the period of bearing the offspring, the enthusiasm of harmful habits.

Getting a jaw injury leads to an uneven, improper increase in the tooth structure. In order not to allow pathology, mothers need to follow medical advice during pregnancy. Already after the birth of a child, it is necessary to guarantee its full feeding, to carry out periodic examinations of the oral cavity.

Possible complications crooked tooth hurts

The resulting pathology is eliminated with the support of dentists. The lack of timely medical support can lead to the following conditions:

  • my crooked teeth hurt photowrong direction of the increase in the main teeth;
  • increased risk of caries formation;
  • getting injuries of the slippery layer with-because of the curved increase;
  • poor-quality chewing of food leads to the formation of diseases of TRACT;
  • psychological difficulties initiated by the inferiority ensemble;
  • a pathological change in the jaw aggregate, which leads to clicks of the jaw, involuntary opening of the mouth during the meal.

Surely, father and mother are unpleasant to watch the torment of their child. In the event that children have uneven increased boiling illness, it is necessary to follow the advice of dentists, which will give a hint to the road of resolving the difficulties.

Methods of elimination of pathology

If there is a problem with crooked teeth hurt, you should immediately go to a professional. Someone will establish the prerequisites for a rough increase in the teeth, in accordance with the year of the child, anatomical distinctive features, suggest the following ways to eliminate the pathology:

  1. Wearing braces. This system was invented to correct the curvature of the continuous tooth structure, for a reason it is used in the adolescent year. It takes a long period to adapt (a number of years are permissible);
  2. If the boiling illness increases unevenly, the use of plates is expected in a smaller year. Adaptation involves a plastic plate with an iron arc, rectifying the bulges of bone tissue oral cavity. The sock lasts a number of years;
  3. The use of silicone trainers. Flexibility of the used material does not bring any special discomfort; adaptation is put on according to the nights.

Now you know what to do if your child say my crooked teeth hurt. To do this, in order for the child to create a delightful smile, the presence of an increase in the dentils, the father and mother need to introduce in time in the feeding menu a hard meal, dare to chest in the premature months of existence, timely cure colds and other diseases, to come to the dentist in the premature child’s year.

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