Dull pain in the tooth: for whatever reason arose and just as quickly removed?

Practice shows that the dull-headed suffering in the tooth does not give rise to a strong concern for the patient, especially if the lover appears from time to time and in no way very often. However, this sign constantly indicates the presence of dental curative difficulties, which should be resolved in the absence of deceleration. Otherwise, the formation of complications and the need for a long and expensive cure is a problem of only a period.

Causes and Concomitant Symptoms

Dull pain in tooth comes and goes, which can be described as equally stupid and ruminant, is able to appear according to the system of factors:

  • Violations of the unity of enamel. The appearance of splits and cracks in the plane of the tooth or caries during the period of the milk spot can travel the path undetected for the purpose of the most person, especially if the defect has a small appearance. However, this is the basis of a painful course, which eventually accumulates expressions. In this case, suffering more generally appears the presence of teeth cleaning and mouth rinsing with cool water – the coating previously does not protect the fletcher in absolute terms, and one becomes susceptible to frost.
  • dull pain in tooth after filling photoEnamel hypoplasia. The natural thinning of the enamel or its wear due to bite abnormalities is a factor of high tooth susceptibility and stupid nuisance, which is formed largely in the property of interaction and sweet food.
  • Granuloma of the root. Formation of the cyst of the root elite or granuloma can be accompanied by stupid bored pain during chewing food, chewing gum. This symptom generally arises after hypothermia or a shifted acute respiratory viral infection, and through a certain period, it proceeds without the help of others. However, according to the verge of the increase in cysts, the moments of the nuisance become more frequent, and the ion is made all the most active without exception. In addition to malaise, simple gum disease, its redness and puffiness can be monitored.
  • In case you have recently been treated with caries therapy, after which there was a blunt nagging suffering in the tooth, which is sealed, the factor is insectoallergy in the used materials used by the dentist. In this case, the suffering is formed 1-2 days after the doctor’s visit, and adheres to the 1-degree regularly – not aggravating at all and not weakening in any way. In addition to the painful syndrome, other signs of an allergy are often traced – a sore throat and go, abundant branches from the nose, keratoconjunctivitis. These manifestations of the hypersensitivity of the immune system are not necessarily formed at the same time with annoying pain, and have all the chances to appear equally up to it, in this way and after.
  • Parodotosis or disease. This loss of materials of the main aggregate of the tooth, the presence of which they are excited (disease) or degenerate (disease). Suffering in this case is felt in some teeth that are near, and strange mobility can be observed in them. For the purpose of periodontitis, redness and puffiness of the gum tend to be characteristic, and for the purpose of periodontitis, on the contrary, paleness and a decrease in the amount of gums entering the painful procedure.


  1. Dull pain in the tooth photoDull pain in tooth come and go, this or that little lover did not look at all – this is a constant sign of the basis of this or that-or painful course. All the illnesses and capital that have been shown without exception, in addition to allergies, which lead to pain syndrome, continue to improve and become more complicated in the absence of cure, the result of which is the loss of one or some of the teeth.
  2. Intermediate stages among stupid bored pain (the initial stage of the disease) and the need to eliminate the canine can all be a problem, inflammation, flux.
  3. Single interest gets insektoallergiya dentistry used materials. Preserved in the absence of interest, this situation leads to a single sensitization of the body – one becomes too susceptible to different drugs, which are probably allergenic. The outcome of this may have all the chances of completely allergic interactions, which are not limited to the common cold or conjunctivitis. More severe results are the swelling of the Quince and anaphylactic shock.

Methods of treatment dull pain in tooth after filling

The chosen method of curing pain syndrome is in direct connection with its factors.

  • When defects in the enamel of the teeth or its thinning in the plane of the teeth, special reconstructive materials is used which cannot only “repair” the cracks and chips, but in addition, the usual degree of rottisite elements is reconstructed in the enamel.
  • Dull pain in tooth come and go photoThe granuloma of the root can become an object of reaction healing only in the very first stages, if the beloved does not yet threaten the tooth and the nearby textures. In this case, a whole immunostimulating therapy, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and vitamin substances treatment is used, and physiotherapy surgery (UV quartz, sound therapy, etc.) and massaging of gums. The presence of a rapid increase in the granuloma or the presence of ineffective reaction methods
  • Periodontitis has a need for antibacterial therapy, a method of immunostimulating and substances that bring materials to perfection.
  • With periodontal therapy is conducted in a complex, and it comes with the disclosure of factors given by the capital. Thus, just as the degeneration of periodontal materials very often appears according to the circumstances of missing teeth, bite abnormalities, crowded teeth and other orthodontic conditions, the therapy is able to contain correction of occlusion, elimination of surplus teeth and denture prosthesis.

How to remove stupid suffering in the tooth?

If there is no ability to resort to a doctor, and painful disgenitalism does not observe the usual rate of existence and reduces its property, it is necessary to understand, as well as to remove stupid suffering in the tooth in domestic circumstances:

  1. Eliminate all possible thermal overloads in the canine. Food and alcohol must be heated or cooled down to a temperature of 34-37 ° C, this requirement must be followed by the presence of teeth cleaning and mouth rinsing after eating: moisture and balm rinse are not required to be a letter warm, the letter is cool.
  2. Accept the best for you acumen (Drug, Maxigan, Metamizol sodium) or NSAIDs (Ibuklin, Host, Nimesil, Naise, Acetylsalicylic Acid, etc.).
  3. Carefully remove fragments of food and a light tooth from your teeth, including if it gives you unpleasant feelings.
  4. If the suffering is limited not at the root of the tooth or pulp (deep in the tooth, if evaluated according to the senses), but closer to the crown – it is possible to apply regional anesthetics in the base of lidocaine or Novocain (the presence of circumstance, what you do not have in their allergy).

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