Why the enamel on the tooth has worn off?

Attrition of the enamel on the teeth is a natural process which is peculiar to the elderly people. But when this relates to people of young and middle age, it’s a pathological process – a premature destruction of dental tissues that form the crown part of the tooth.

The symptoms that enamel on the teeth has worn off

The visible signs that the enamel on your front and grinder teeth (morals and premorals) has worn off can’t be recognized immediately.  The process of destruction develops gradually and manifests itself as a sequence of symptoms.

  1. Hypersensitivity of the teeth. When you consume hot or cold foot and drinks, our vegetables and fruits, while brushing your teeth or even breathing through your mouth, your teeth react with a so-called «soreness of the mouth» – an unpleasant but still not a painful feeling.  The intensity of this symptom can vary from mild to unbearable discomfort. That makes people reject everything and their teeth «react».
  2. that enamel on the teeth has worn off photoIncreased incidents of caries. The worn off enamel stops to perform its barrier function which makes penetration of the bacteria into dentin easier. So, multiple caries appears, affecting several teeth at the same time. In this case, as a reason, one can not assume a deficiency of nutrients in the diet or insufficient hygiene of the oral cavity: if you stick to a diet and care about your teeth caries cavities «update» regularly.
  3. The reduction of teeth height. At the beginning this symptom isn’t visually noticeable. It attracts attention when shortening of the crown part of the teeth leads to difficulties with chewing food and articulatory disorders (it is increasingly difficult to maintain the accuracy of pronunciation).

The reasons why enamel on my teeth has worn off?

The reasons why enamel on the teeth has worn off can be divided in two groups:  external factors and internal factors can lead to this.

The conditions that break the enamel from the inside are:

  • Thyroid diseases. This body, among other things, is responsible for the assimilation of calcium and phosphorus by the body – chemical elements that form hard tooth tissues.
  • Decrease in hypopituitarism function. This gland is responsible for mineral and protein metabolism in the tissues of the teeth.
  • Genetically determined diseases which lead to malformation of hard tissues.
  • Numerous chemical compounds (pesticides, phosphates, herbicides an etc) due to constant contact with them can accumulate into tissues including the enamel of the teeth. They have a destructive effect on it and it leads to premature wearing off.
  • Unreasonable or excessive consumption of diuretic drugs. Due to the diuretic action valuable chemical species are flushed from the body. Regular or unreasonable use of such drugs inevitably leads to the enamel’s softening and its early attrition.

The external factors why enamel on my teeth has worn off are:

  1. Abnormal occlusion. Anomalies in the structure of the facial part of the skull, traumatic situations, delayed development of the jaw bone tissues and other reasons can provoke abnormal growth of the teeth. In this case there is no equal load distribution between on the teeth of the upper and lower jaws – separate groups of teeth are excessively loaded while chewing. It is their abrasion that is observed, which allows us to draw conclusions about bite anomalies as the cause of this condition.
  2. why enamel on my teeth has worn off photoThe habit of grinding one’s teeth in the waking state, or unconscious «grinding» of teeth during sleep is the main reason why enamel on the lower teeth and grinding surface of the morals and premorals has gone off. A distinctive feature in this case is the frequent pain in the temporomandibular joint, caused by chronic loads for the dentoalveolar apparatus.
  3. Aggressive hygiene of the oral cavity. Excessively stiff bristles of the toothbrush and / or the use of whitening pastes with abrasive substances is the most common reason that the enamel is rubbed off at the root of the teeth and on their frontal surface. In this case, damage or thinning of the enamel on the «grinder» teeth is not observed.
  4. Bad habits. If the enamel on one tooth is worn off and only there you can see the symptoms of the «weariness», you should pay attention to your bad habits. If you bite the thread while sewing, have a habit of holding a toothpick in your mouth or tap your teeth with pencil while working, it can be the reason of isolated enamel attrition.

Treatment of the enamel defects

Methods for eliminating problems with enamel depend on the causes of this condition, the degree of destruction of enamel, the presence of concomitant dental diseases and other factors. The most effective is the complex treatment, which includes:

  • Reconstruction of enamel. Dentist performs the removal of pathologically altered tissues, than applies a remineralizing paste on teeth. In modern dental practice ultrasound is often used. Under the influence of ultrasound medicinal and mineral substances penetrate into deeper tissues, which increases the effectiveness of therapy.
  • Pharmacological treatment. The intake of a complex of vitamin-mineral substances is necessary in most cases. Despite the reasons of attrition, suitable preparations of calcium, fluoride, potassium, vitamin D3, etc., make it possible to fill the deficiency of substances with the help of which solid tooth tissues are formed.
  • Treatment of the main disease. If the increased abrasion of the teeth is caused by endocrine disorders, anomalies of mineral metabolism and etc. you need to treat this illness with the help of specialists – endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, etc.

Prevention of the enamel attrition

To prevent the attrition of the enamel you should stick to the following rules:

  1. enamel on the teeth has worn off photoChoose the toothbrush according to the dentist’s recommendations. Use the universal variant – a brush with medium stiff bristles.
  2. Use whitening toothpaste only to refresh your teeth color once or twice a month.
  3. Follow the balance of nutrients in the diet, and when you stick to low-calorie diets take vitamins and minerals in addition.
  4. Treat your internals on time.
  5. Get rid of bad habits which can harm your teeth.

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