Gum receding — causes and treatment

Gum disease is the main cause of premature tooth loss. Minor changes in the initial stage of development of such diseases are gradually increasing. And in one far from perfect day, you may find that your gum is receded, tooth neck is bare and extremely sensitive, and the tooth is mobile and it causes pain. What has led to this state and whether it is possible to treat such unpleasant changes?

Why is my gum receding?

The changes in gum tissues that lead to its receding are very diverse:

  1. Tooth cleaning with a stiff bristle brush or using excessive pressure on the teeth and gums. In this case, there has been a chronic injury of soft tissues, resulting in inflammation and subsequent recession (reduction of tissues).
  2. Deterioration of the blood supply to the gum tissues. In this category you can combine multiple factors. First of all, it is smoking as substances included in tobacco smoke cause constriction of blood vessels, and eventually gum nutrition is getting worse, resulting in negative changes in them.
  3. why is gum receding photoThe absence of teeth or dental occlusion anomalies when the pressure on the dental apparatus is uneven — the next most common reason. The teeth from the charged side are quickly wore off and on the opposite side there has been a reduction of the gums height. This is due to the fact that, in order to maintain the normal functions of the teeth and gums they require occlusal load. Under its influence blood circulation is approximately the same as for massage. Accordingly, deprived of such loads, the gums do not get the nutrients and their tissues are reduced in volume.
  4. Inflammatory or degenerative processes in the periodontium. Periodontium is a part of the periodontal membrane that is responsible for fixing the tooth in the gum. A number of circumstances such as necrotizing gingivitis, chronic stomatitis, abnormalities of the immune system or mineral exchange and others tend to reduce the density of periodontal disease. In this case, negative changes in the gums start with their bleeding, itching, the appearance of bumps and swelling. Such symptoms further lead to gum receding.
  5. Wrong prosthetics. If gum is receded under the dental crown, and in neighboring gums no changes are observed, the reason most likely is an allergic reaction to material of dental crown or its improper manufacture/installation. In the latter case the gum receding is due to permanent trauma of gum tissues, which leads to chronic inflammation and reduce its height.
  6. Age-related changes. After 55-60 years most people have degenerative changes in the ligamentous apparatus and bone tissues. This is due to natural processes inherent in aging. But such changes will inevitably occur in the tissues of the dentoalveolar apparatus, which may lead the receding of gums.

Different methods can be applied to this issue:

  • panoramic x-ray study used to determine the condition of the jaw bones and periodontal disease;
  • inoculation of samples taken from oral cavity to estimate the quantitative and qualitative composition of microflora;
  • laboratory blood tests to identify deficiency of minerals, hormonal imbalance, systemic infections and other factors the are capable for causing the gum receding.

According to diagnostics results the proper treatment is prescribed.

Gum receding treatment

Methods of why did the gum recede can be divided into several areas:

why did the gum recede photoMedication. During treatment vitamins, anti-inflammatory drugs, immune, hormonal and other drugs are used. The doctor makes a choice of specific drugs, taking into account the causes of gum recession and presence/absence of other dental problems.

Physiotherapy. Methods used in physiotherapy help to raise the gum and warn its continued receding. For this purpose UV therapy, ultrasonic therapy, oxygen treatment, electrophoresis and other methods are applied.

Orthodontics. If the gum receding is caused by uneven dental load due to absence of teeth or malocclusions, high results of treatment cannot be achieved without correcting these defects. Depending on clinical cases a doctor can put artificial dental crown or implant in place of an absent tooth/teeth, assign to wear braces, etc.

Surgery. If destruction of the gum has gone too far, and tooth mobility became excessive, often the only affordable method of treatment is the removal of such a tooth.

Homemade treatment. If gum is receded under the tooth, but pathological changes have gone too far,  massage of gums can be quite effective. For this index forefinger is wrapped with gauze wad, wetted in cold water (with the addition of sea salt in a ratio of 5 g of salt to 100 g of water), then a massage is carried out. Moves should be directed from the gums to the top of the tooth and should be strong enough, but not cause pain.

Prevention of the gum receding

receding of gums photoProper and regular oral hygiene is a prerequisite, which reduces the likelihood of dental diseases.

But, since the gum receding is a condition that may be involved not only the gums and teeth, prevention should be aimed at strengthening the whole organism as a whole:

  1. adjust the ration in favor of a healthy balanced diet that provides the body with all necessary vitamins and microelements;
  2. conduct systematic cold trainings;
  3. avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption;
  4. timely treat all known diseases (not only dental);
  5. visit a dentist regularly (at least 2 times a year).

So the question why is gum receding requires a detailed analysis and it has a large number of reasons.

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