Why is it hard and painful to chew with teeth?

Dental diseases in no way do not pass in the absence of discomfort and pain. This is the only method with which the dental device and the basic nervous concept speak of trouble. However, what should be done, in case it is painfully chewed – the teeth feel suffering, which cannot be traced in the presence of “tranquility”?


Causes and symptoms

The reasons, according it painful to chew with your tooth, is quite large. However, more generally, complaints about this feature are presented in the moments, if there are subsequent illnesses and capital:

  • The root cyst. The presence of this disease near the top of the root, which resides in the remains of the jaw, formed a depression filled with liquid. Atheroma is able to draw in no way to provide its own stay, but precisely up to these times, now in its deepening is not infected. In this case, its scales are relatively instantaneously increasing, which leads to excessive pressure in the matter around it. The presence of the cyst is generally more painful to chew into the fang, in the root of which this disease has formed – the presence of chewing food work in the base increases, which causes an increase in discomfort. Less often-in painful symptoms, the disease surrounding with “cystic” is involved, but this means that atheroma previously achieved very large volumes.
  • It painful to chew with your teeth photoSelf-adapters for themselves implants or tabs are unable to overlook. However, if they are incorrectly selected, made or illiterately fixed, often formed painful things. The factor of this is unevenly calculated work in the dental several and irritation of gum materials. Claims in this case, then after that, as well as the bridge, it is painfully chewed, is presented earlier in the course of the first day after the prosthesis. For this reason, the connection between the design of bridge prostheses and the appearance of unpleasant traits does not in any way keep fluctuations in the factor.
  • This in fact affects the situation if it is painful to bite into the crown – very significant and “biting” into tender matter, or, on the contrary, does not overlap the height of the tooth – the lover is capable of causing great suffering, the saturation of which increases with the period.
  • Diseases of the temporomandibular joint. The presence of dysplasia, inflammation or degenerative modifications in one or two joints of the jaw causes the disease to be in the main sequence. This is because the junction of the teeth of the upper and lower jaw is broken, what leads to the early demolition of teeth, located near the high load and periodontal diseases of the teeth, which stopped participating in the process of chewing.

In addition, the fact that it is painful to chew with it hurts to chew on a tooth, the difficulties with the TMJ express themselves to the main annoying pain, giving in the ears, and in addition, a crunch or “crack” in the area of ​​the temples presence of chewing.

Possible complications

Common burdens in moments, if suffering is neglected, are:

  1. Chronic trauma of plastic materials, initiated incorrectly selected or in a dietetically defined prosthesis.
  2. it painful to chew with your tooth photoThe destruction of the temporomandibular joint with the loss of a significant part of its functions.
  3. The spread of the infected enclosed cyst root to nearby matter, something that pulls for itself probable orbital and meningeal burdens.
  4. Conversion of cells into a mucous membrane of the oral cavity into a thin presence of the circumstance of their continuous trauma.
  5. Diseases of the higher departments of TRACT, initiated by a long-lasting method of slightly chewed and not processed by enzymes of saliva food.

Methods of treatment

Before choosing the right method of cure, the doctor performs an early investigation, the task of which is to reveal the root cause of the pain syndrome. For the purpose of this can be quite a survey of the oral cavity, but you may need a radiographic examination, CT or MRI.

After the conditions that cause suffering are established, the only one that can be selected is the one from the following ways of cure:

  • Removal of an individual crown or bridge, with its further correction or the production of the newest prosthesis. Even after the design of implants, determined by the anatomical distinctive features of the dent alveolar aggregate of the patient, suffering, as well as the principle, proceeds without the help of others.
  • it hurts to chew on a tooth photoTreatment of TMJ diseases involves a systematic aspect. Someone contains medicinal therapy with the method of NSAIDs, chondroprotectors, analgesics, vitamins and minerals in a pharmaceutical figure, and in addition physiotherapy (ion-check with pharmaceutical applications, UV treatment, treatment, etc.). In single variants, a surgical invasion, the presence of which the natural pathologies of the joint may change or the osteophytes from the articular planes may be needed.
  • With the root of the tooth cyst, therapy is surgical, and thus reaction methods are ineffective. During the procedure, the doctor performs a resection of the root’s elite with the removal of unnaturally modified materials, after which the sutures are applied and the patient is prescribed drug therapy.

Help means if it hurts to chew on a tooth

  1. If you do not have the ability to resort to a doctor, and suffering makes life difficult, take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory method (Nimesil, Diclofenac, Nurofen, Fastum, etc.) or analgesics (Metamizol sodium, Drug, Medication, etc.).
  2. To reduce the possibility of forming or spreading a contagious or inflammatory course, constantly rinse the mouth with a substance of soda (1 tsp into a glass of water) or a decoction of chamomile. The washing done is obliged to be nice temperature, and not to cause discomfort in any way.

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