Why does my tooth rot?

When the decay of teeth occurs near the effect of rotten actions, the situation looks unsightly. The presence of this cannot only decay the fang – someone “radiates” an unpleasant or obviously stinky aroma, which makes the difficulty of the presence of communication with those around them and, in large part, adversely affect the social dynamism, including the individual’s personal relationships. As a result, in this way the unit is made, and possibly the unit, to correct the situation, without eliminating the fang?


In spite of this, either my tooth is rotting internally or externally, the initial indicator is always halitosis. This situation, the presence of a patient almost insistently accompanied by a slightly unpleasant odor from the mouth. The letter is the most painstaking cleaning of teeth, the use of specialized money for rinsing or mouth irrigation cannot help get rid of it.

When this symptom arises, obvious changes in the tooth cannot be in any way (in case the putrefaction procedure has arisen from the root of the root and has not yet touched the crown share of the tooth). However, if the decay started from the outside, with the loss of the crown, signs a tooth is rotting are indisputable:

  • tooth is rotting photoOn the tooth visually determined by a vague speckle (brown-dark) with a rough, “uneven” surface;
  • On the verge of the formation of the disease, the speck grows in volume and becomes more thorough, with a period creating a depression;
  • When the patient’s tooth contact with cool or warm food, or drinks, all suffering without exception appear, and its saturation is greater than the later disintegration of materials;
  • When tapping according to this tooth, someone responds with a rash, annoyed pain.

If the decay is made from the root, suffering occurs in the number of the first signs: in appearance, the right canine begins to critically respond to chewing, changing the temperature. A noticeable change – the dulling of the tooth inside, that it “glows” through the coating – ripen into the final order.


In essence, in the event that the canine decays and smells, this is constantly conditioned by only one condition: the presence of microorganisms, the life process of which becomes a factor of rotten actions in the matter of the teeth. However, the pathways of intrusion of pathogenic bacteria have all the chances to be very different:

  1. signs a tooth is rotting photoThrough a carious depression;
  2. From adjacent infected teeth;
  3. Through the bloodstream;
  4. From the surrounding buildings and materials (the presence of gum injuries, inflammation of the periosteum, the presence of protracted sinusitis, etc.).

However, all, without exception, is the problem: for what reason does the presence of other identical circumstances in 1 person form the decomposition of the teeth, while in others, including the presence of an in-depth carious lesion of the tooth, its disintegration takes place in the absence of a rotten course?

The answer is simple: a difference in the presence or lack of a copious sphere. People who are thoroughly observed because of oral hygiene and constantly use hard food (damp vegetables and fruits), abundant sphere is created a little swiftly, in order to guarantee to microorganisms a “full” life process. For this reason, in the microflora of the oral cavity rotten bacteria are in the minority, and do not have any chance to rapidly multiply

Possible complications

Hardly a unit is necessary to argue such an aggravation, as well as the loss of a tooth. In the event that the canine is rotten – somebody or collapses without the help of others under the influence of automatic loads, or is removed by the doctor.

But this capital has the most difficult results, which leave very much because of the border of dental treatment difficulties:

  • Diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract. Continuous reception in conjunction with eating infected saliva can cause gastritis, food poisoning, disruption of digestive functions.
  • symptoms of rotten teeth photoThe spread of infection in the doctors. Substantially deepened putrefaction procedure is able to freely move into the sinuses of the sinuses, to be a factor of protracted tonsillitis, to provoke hyperplasia of the lymphoid materials of the nasopharynx, etc.
  • Chronic whole poisoning. At a particular stage, if the infection is present for a very long time, the immune concept ceases to overcome it. In this case, there are all chances to form a completely toxic capital – pathogenic bacteria in the course of their vital activity produce toxic elements that are harmful to all without exception apparatus and matter. This position with the work can be diagnosed, but expresses itself very clearly – continuous fatigue, incomprehensible competition and lowering of the temperature of the trunk, leading and muscular suffering, etc.

Methods of treatment symptoms of rotten teeth

The treatment of a decaying tooth is chosen considering this, to what extent the procedure has become very involved, and what the characteristics of a particular medical event are:

  1. In the course of the chorions course occurring in the crown part, elimination of all unnaturally modified materials is presented, thorough cleaning of the tooth from them, disinfecting treatment and sealing.
  2. If the fang decays near the crown – the lover in an inseparable mode is removed, after which, at the base of the examination and the capital of the tooth, the doctor selects this or another cure strategy. This can be the removal of the struck materials with further sealing, or the removal of the tooth.
  3. If the putrefaction procedure has arisen from the root of the root, in the bulk of the situation, constructive measures are required – the absolute elimination of the tooth. This follows, therefore, as well as more generally the statement to the doctor is made in this period of destruction of the name, if the situation cannot be saved. In the event that sources can still be healed – painstaking root canal therapy is conducted, and district and / or whole antimicrobial treatment is conducted. The doctor follows the root of the root with fluoroscopy-control, and after the condition is normalized, the therapy ends with the application of the seal.

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