Where did the brown dot on the tooth come from?

Suddenly identified brown spot in the tooth is able to have the most different appearance: its factors are ready to appear as well as harmful habits or dental cures, and thus pathology of the capital of well-being in full. Identify in the resource of difficulty will be able to help the placement of such kind of places and signs, what accompany this deficiency.

Causes and concomitant symptoms

All the prerequisites that initiate the appearance of a chestnut tone in the tooth can be divided into 2 relative categories – natural and painful.

The following categories enter the main category:

  • little brown dot on my tooth photoMicro hurt of enamel. It for themselves a violation of the dental enamel is unsuccessful to serve as a reason for the formation of a black eyewear. However, including a small cleavage or rupture in its plane means that the most delicate matter of the tooth, located near the enamel, is associated with the atmosphere, water and food. However, unlike the hardest part of the tooth, enamel, they instantly draw in themselves all sorts of decorating elements that enter into the structure of the expresso, the river, the greenish-brown smoke, the scarlet cause, etc. As well as the result, all, without exception, coloring, transforming into place, first acquire the invisible trauma. Due to the depth of the defect, this position can be accompanied by discomfort in a damaged place, or be completely light and bear the appearance of an exclusively aesthetic flaw.
  • Congenital deficiencies of enamel. The system of creating a black place in the tooth is similar to the past pattern. However, in this case, the significance is not in any way the damage to the enamel, but its incorrect development, because of what the beloved has a variable thickness. In accordance with this, in the most non-small and insignificant zones, the enamel draws in more pigments that can be divided according to the whole plane of the tooth or create distinctly reproduced black zones in the variant of the points. In this case, the difficulty is extremely rarely limited to one tooth – the brown spots in the front teeth can be shown more, thus, just as the incisors themselves generally have more contact with food and drinks. However, the presence of a distant analysis in other teeth also reveals pinpoint defects.

The following indicate pathological factors:

  1. The basis of the disease is the development of the so-called “snow-white speck” – the weakened and depigmented place of the enamel. In addition, the emergence of a brown spot in this area means that the bacteria and food products of their vital functions have prolonged the unrestrained “goal” and the defect have achieved dentin. Suffering in this period can still not disturb, but if the tooth in the tooth is in the cervical lobe (to the right), the presence of the use of warm food or elixirs, the presence of inhalation through the mouth of a cool atmosphere may have unpleasant feelings.
  2. A melodious-motley model of this disease is accompanied by the education in the plane of the teeth of small zones, in this number, the points colored most intensely, rather than being around the matter. In connection with the distinctive features of the face menu, the color of such specks can fluctuate from a darkish yellowish color, down to a bronze-chocolate and almost dark. The presence of fluorosis is extremely rarely traced in affected teeth, but often there is a high susceptibility to acidic food. The presence of fluorosis in the tooth coffee spot (more generally a given multiple spots) is not an exceptional visual criterion. In addition, the coating loses its radiance, acquires a structure sweeping.
  3. tiny brown dot on teeth photoTherapeutic staining. Already after a long process of certain substances (medications of the tetracycline category, glandular substances, vitamin and its excretory, etc.), the acting elements have all the chances to accumulate in bone materials and dental enamel, which leads to its staining. Disease, for the purpose of curing of which such substances are used, and in addition the characteristic features of the enamel texture determine the separation of the pigment: in the variant of spots, strips or points.
  4. Tooth stones. There is a widespread misinterpretation of the question concerning this, that dental granite is necessarily a “conglomeration” of hard deposits. However, the mineralized element is more generally created in areas that are generally less amenable to cleaning directly (the presence of hard food) and during hygienic maintenance due to the oral cavity. For this reason, more generally, the dental granite suggests a brown speck in the teeth of the gums. However, episodes are frequent, if in the sphere of natural lack of enamel (insignificant deepening in its plane) accumulation of a gentle deposit takes place. In addition, the presence of a small or accidental brushing of one’s teeth hardens and stains pigments coming from elixirs and food, creating a black space.

Possible complications small brown dot on tooth

According to itself, a brown or dark place in the tooth does not in fact imply any threat, thus, just as a beloved is not considered an independent disease, and only speaks of this or that dental or somatic issue.

However, every position, being abandoned, certainly draws results from itself. In this case, this is:

  • Destruction of enamel, which performs a significant protective function;
  • Development of caries (often – numerous, with a loss of not one, but some teeth at the same time);
  • The spread of a painful course in the tissue – the supporting and semi-distinctive device of the teeth, what is dangerous is their loss.

Methods of treatment

The method for curing tiny brown dot on teeth directly depends on the factors of this feature:

  1. small brown dot on tooth photoWhen hypoplasia of the enamel or its traumatic defect is recommended restoration of the enamel with the support of denture polymers and cements.
  2. Caries, outside of the connection with the level of his seriousness and figure, will require pulling out the slain materials and rebuilding the anatomical figure of the tooth.
  3. Fluorosis is a situation, the presence of which can use the filling denture used materials, or methods of aesthetic orthodontics – fixing veneers or luminaire.

If little brown dot on my tooth or a speck in the tooth appeared due to the mineralization of the plaque, someone is removed with the support of physiological instruments, sound equipment, technical Air Flow, etc.

Medicinal staining almost does not lend itself to destruction with the support of the current dental treatments. For this reason, the presence of a significant lesion of enamel or dentin with pigments, methods of selection is considered the use of specialized linings that correctly model personal diseases – luminaire and veneers.

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