What to do if your teeth are black?

Dental diseases are a very unpleasant problem, at least once present in the life of every person. Someone is inconvenienced by increased sensitivity of teeth, someone’s teeth crumble and it is not clear what to do in this situation. And someone suffers from the fact that his tooth is black. This is a fairly common symptom that you should pay attention to.

Why does the tooth turn black?

why do teeth turn black after it photoBlackened tooth discoloration (red, transparent, black) is a common problem characteristic of dental practice. So why did the tooth turn black? Most often this is due to the installation of insufficient quality seals, which include tin. The use of old materials stored by a doctor with violations of the specified conditions also leads to that fact that teeth turn black. The death of the pulp and nerve is also reflected in the appearance of the teeth – they gradually turn black. A visit to the dentist will help to conduct timely treatment and prevent complete destruction of the tooth, even if it is already partially rotted.

In addition to the problems directly with the disease of the teeth, it is worth noting and darkening of the teeth due to smoking and taking of coloring drinks, such as tea, coffee or colorful soda.

Common causes of such a problem

One of the most common causes of tooth changes in color is non-compliance with basic hygiene rules, which leads to the accumulation of plaque on the surfaces of the teeth, consisting of bacteria and food residues. If the plaque on the teeth is not systematically cleaned, it leads to its compaction and darkening. This “shell” will cover the natural color of the tooth and changes its optical properties – visually makes it dull and dark.

The second most common cause of darkening is smoking. It is in heavy smokers teeth first turn yellow, and then become dark brown due to significant deposits of resinous substances contained in tobacco smoke. If the cleaning of teeth with special toothpastes for smokers is ineffective, you can help the procedure of contactless tooth cleaning by Air-flow, which is carried out in the dental chair. In addition, this procedure is absolutely painless, it is also harmless, it can be carried out several times a year, without fear for the health of their teeth.

why did the tooth turn black photo

Frequent consumption of products such as coffee, black tea, herbal infusions, wine, berries and juices of rich purple color containing food dyes of natural or synthetic origin. The fourth case is trauma. And here is quite understandable, why do teeth turn black after it. And here is only one way – to the dentist. And before a quality diagnosis it is impossible to say with certainty whether it will be possible to save the tooth.

The fifth, frequent cause is caries, as a consequence of poor hygiene and abuse of sweets. And this time people always wonder, why do teeth turn black after a root canal got damaged. Demineralization of hard tissues of the tooth under the influence of carious process leads to a change in the optical density of the tooth and the appearance of spots on the surface of the enamel, first light, chalk, which eventually pigmented and darkened.

The risk of tooth decay

Caries – is manifested in the form of small black spots on the surface of the teeth. With further progression, dentin darkens and collapses, which leads to the formation of a large carious cavity.

Endemic fluorosis-reflects an excessive amount of fluorine in the water used. The disease begins to form in infancy, so you need to carefully monitor the amount of fluoride consumed. As a result, the teeth appear myeloid spots, strokes and dark areas on the tooth surface.

Congenital non-carious damage – in this case, not only can be a dark shade of enamel, but also the wrong shape and structure of the teeth.

Tetracycline teeth-a phenomenon characteristic of children whose mothers during pregnancy often took antibiotics tetracycline group. In this case, some areas of the baby’s teeth are painted in dark colors in the womb.

How to prevent darkening of the enamel of the teeth?

teeth turn black photo

The most effective method is regular prevention. Smokers are better to gradually abandon this habit. It should be more careful to use coloring products, carefully cleaning the teeth after that. It is necessary and at least once a year to visit the dentist for a detailed examination of the oral cavity (this will save not only from darkening the tooth, but also help to prescribe treatment of bad breath).

Not the last role is played by proper nutrition. It is great if it is possible to include in the diet a lot of calcium-containing products. Buying toothpastes it is better to study their composition carefully, avoiding a large amount of fluoride. After consulting a dentist, you can start taking medications prescribed by your doctor.

What to do with blackened teeth?

First of all-visit the dental clinic to check the presence and prevention of caries. After treatment with the use of modern materials, you can forget about this problem for a long time. You should not delay the visit, if you have a healthy tooth or a tooth that just seems so.

An interesting solution to get rid of dark color obtained by Smoking or excess fluorine is bleaching. At home, this is used filled with Kappa gel, which has a composition of peroxide. A noticeable result can be found in a period of three to six weeks. Faster results are obtained by professional dental bleaching. However, it should be noted that in this case the enamel will become too hypersensitive.

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