Why did the tooth break off and why is it dangerous?

Fracture of the tooth is a popular lesion, with which one is referred to the dentist. In variants, if apiece has split from the tooth, the conversation goes on about an insufficient fracture – only the coronal part is damaged, in the absence of involvement of the root and alveolar process. However, this does not mean in any way that the situation does not require medical support: the crippled canine is a danger for the health of the oral cavity.


The cause of an inadequate tooth broken off is constantly made unnecessary or unevenly calculated machine work. Damage to the person, the presence of an attack occurred in the upper or lower prosthesis, the desire to gnaw through a strong object and similar effects lead to a defect in the first or some teeth.

However, several factors increase the possibility of a fracture. To them belong:

  1. Anomalies in the structure of hard tooth materials. More generally, the incorrect development of teeth can be traced in the property of natural capital, the presence of a disease of the mother during pregnancy, or genetic defects lead to pathologies of rottisite metabolism and, as a result, to the high fragility of absolutely all hard materials of the body. However, this situation is able to form and in the elder person the presence of an unreasonable method of diuretic or laxative substances or in the event, that someone is plagued by violations of water-salt metabolism.
  2. tooth broke off photoThe presence of a prolonged course of the disease in the tooth creates a deepening, which impairs its resistance to congestion. In the event that a piece of the tooth broke off in a place with a refined wall – the factor, more likely, in general, the problem began directly.
  3. Features of the structure of the tooth or its location in the ranks. The presence of pathologies of the occlusion and the presence of certain specific anatomy of the tooth (very elongated and representing the need for other teeth, twisted according to a vertical axis, etc.) in this kind of fang brought the most significant work, rather than in others. This increases the possibility of a fracture, including the presence of ordinary chewing food.
  4. Improper removal of the adjacent tooth. This is more exceptional, however, without exception, after all, the probable situation, if the doctor-surgeon-dentist applies the only one with teeth as well as the “support” for the purpose of the elevator and other devices during the difficult pulling out of the tooth. In the period of extreme overload in this basic tooth, it can appear as well as an obvious overturn, so its messenger is a rupture, in the segment, which later the tooth share will split off.
  5. Periodontal disease. This disease destroys the supporting-banding device of the teeth, which leads to their loosening. In accordance with this, the unstable, dynamic canine presence of chewing is able to conquer a state, the presence of which damage is almost inevitable. In this case, more generally, the whole crown of the tooth is flipped – someone is injured in the border with the right, in the cervical lobe. However, an incomplete coup, with the education of a minor fragment, is also probable.

Symptoms why my tooth broke off

The symptoms associated with tooth flipping are depending on the severity of the fracture:

  • In the case of a fracture affecting only the coating, almost in no way is there any trace of discomfort or discomfort-they will arise a number of months later if the rupture in the enamel starts to increase and / or dive, passing the tissue from temperature surges, acid coming in with food and others.
  • my tooth broke off photoIf the coup has reached the depth of the dentin (a texture that stays directly near the enamel), a high thermo-susceptibility of the tooth is rapidly forming. The presence of hot and very cold products of saprobe elixirs in the place where the canine splits off, there is an unpleasant feeling – from nausea, up to a low indisposition, which still does not require a method of anesthetics, but previously hampers vital activity.
  • The presence of a fracture that accompanies the opening of the pulp (tender material from the inside of the tooth, swept by blood vessels and nerves), suffering is formed rapidly, during the period of injury. The saturation of the pain syndrome increases the presence of the smallest jaw movements, the presence of the conversation. The presence of this place, in which the canine splits, in no way necessarily “impressive” volumes – this can be an insignificant fragment, but the role of injury was needed in the sphere, where the mixture is closer to the plane as a whole.

Measures if my tooth broke off

Appeal to the dentist the presence of a tooth defect. Acquiring an injury, the canine is especially sensitive – pathogenic bacteria, hostile elements of food and elixirs with simplicity fall into a broken place, exacerbating the situation.

However, it is not always possible to resort to the doctor all the time. In order to increase the opportunities for tooth support and not to allow infectious stroke, in the whole period up to the visit to the dentist, observe the following laws:

  1. Every once after a meal, rinse the mouth with special rinses for the mouth, and after using the expresso, the river, sweet elixirs, you take the rinses with the cleanest water.
  2. why my tooth broke off photoExclude from the menu carbonated alcohol – the acid entering into their structure, will approximate erosion of the spoiled place in a tooth.
  3. Refuse to use the goods and elixirs that paint the coating (gulls, espresso, scarlet drinks, new or canned blackberries etc.).
  4. With the manifested discomfort in the site of the fragments, take an anesthetic method, which you use in other moments (for example, the presence of the main malaise) and imagine unconditionally, that it is for the purpose of you reliably.

Methods of treatment

The cure methods required in any given condition are dependent on the level of the tooth defect.

  • With a small cleavage or crack, the advantage is due to high quality cleaning with plaque removal from the plaque and rigid formations, after which the doctor performs the restoration of the spoiled space – increases the missing share with the support of specialized used materials.
  • If a mixture is damaged during the injury, most of the situation involves the manufacture of a tooth and the removal of plastic materials – therapy with preservation of the pulp is rational only in narrow versions. The chisel of the tooth is opened to ensure admission to the nerve, after which the mixture is removed, the root canals are cleaned and sealed and the shape and volume of the tooth are resumed.

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