How to make tooth extraction during menstrual cycle?

It is no secret that once a month every woman has such a phenomenon as menstruation. This is a completely natural process, without which it is impossible to conceive and endure a child. Only here the period of critical days for each of us passes in own way. Some young women practically do not feel any discomfort during this period; others are forced to take sick leave, because abundant discharge and pain in the lower abdomen do not allow them to lead a habitual way of life. Is it possible to make tooth extraction during menstruation? This issue worries almost all women who decided to take care of oral health.

After all, often the process of dental treatment takes a lot of time and requires several visits to the dental clinic. In addition, what if the operation to remove the tooth coincided with the onset of menstruation? Is it worth it to hold or wait? The answers to these and other questions we will provide in our today’s article.

Features of therapy

tooth extraction during menstruation photoExtraction of the tooth is a rather serious surgical operation, as a rule, not urgent. If the doctor decides on the need for such intervention, then there is no other alternative. Often the teeth have to be removed when further treatment does not make sense. Indications for such an operation may include:

  • Caries or pulpitis in neglected form;
  • Improperly growing wisdom tooth;
  • A cyst on the root of the tooth;
  • Severely damaged tooth.

However, we should not lose sight of the contraindications to the operation. There are situations when the removal of the tooth is delayed for a while. Moreover, for women this is the period of menstruation, as well as the bearing of the child and lactation.

Why is it dangerous to make tooth extraction and menstruation?

It should be noted that a good dentist before taking such an operation would always ask the patient, at what stage is her menstrual cycle. Why would he know that? The fact that the composition of blood and its quality depends on how anesthesia and other drugs will work during the operation, and whether a blood clot can form in the hole, which protects the oral cavity from infection.

Therefore, during the months of blood decreases and this is normal. Consequently, the composition of the blood also changes. That is why during the critical days it is better not to perform operations to make tooth extraction during period. However, if strong toothaches do not allow the patient to sleep or eat, then the operation can be carried out urgently, even during menstruation. The threat of spreading the infection to neighboring organs is another indication for an emergency tooth removal.

Safety regulations

tooth extraction and menstruation photoIf it was decided to urgently remove the tooth at monthly intervals, then the doctor must necessarily warn the patient of the possible consequences and explain in detail what to do before and after the operation in order to minimize the possible risks. For example, in order to prevent the development of bleeding and improve blood clotting 2-3 days before surgery during the period of the month, it is necessary to stop smoking and drinking alcohol; if possible, be excluded from the diet of coffee; not to attend the gym; Do not overcool and do not overheat. In addition, the doctor will appoint the patient to take special drugs that increase blood coagulability.

After the tooth is removed, do not rush immediately home. It is better to spend an extra hour in the clinic to make sure that the blood curdles up normally, and a clot in the hole is formed. Do not return to work after the operation! Getting home is better than a car and a taxi, as in public transport there can be drafts and stuffiness, contraindicated after tooth extraction. At home, it is necessary to comply with all the prescriptions of the doctor – take medicine, rinse. In case of bleeding, fever, nausea, dizziness – immediately consult a doctor.

If the woman’s periods are plentiful and painful, it is better not to risk and delay with the operation. The main thing – do not forget to say about your “special” condition to the doctor.

Preparation for tooth extraction during menstrual cycle

tooth extraction during period photoEven if toothache or other symptoms develop quickly and suddenly, you still have a few hours to prepare for a possible tooth extraction.

First, carefully and gently brush your teeth with a brush and paste, then threads and at the end – rinse your mouth with an antiseptic conditioner or soda solution (1-teaspoon baking soda dissolved in 20 ml of clean water warmed to body temperature). Rinse should be done every 2 hours until it is time to go to the doctor.

If the pain is very severe, take paracetamol, analgen, tempalgin or any other suitable analgesics, but not NSAIDs. This group of medicines causes changes in the blood coagulation system, which can lead to bleeding in the early postoperative period. In extreme cases, you can take such remedies as Nimesil, Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Nice, etc., but when visiting a doctor, tell him: what medicine, how many and how long have you taken.

For 1-1, 5 hours before going to the dentist, you can use a mild sedative without prescription. Corvalol, motherwort tincture, valerian root extract and their analogs will help to relax and normalize the heart rhythm. In a state of stress, there is a high probability of an increase in blood pressure and, as a result, the development of postoperative bleeding. Take care about yourself and everything will be okay.

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