Why does the tooth of wisdom ache?

The average person forgets “pleasures” of teething approximately at the age of 12. At this time, all milk teeth are already replaced by constants, and everything that they need to do — is to grow up as far as it has been put in genes. Therefore, when on the third decade of life, we found out that the tooth of wisdom is cut (it is more often called «eight») and this process is painful and problematic, we understand that we are not ready for this.

What is the reason of problem?

The eight may actually start to cut out at any age, including, with other constants teeth. So, no dentist is able to tell you exact time, when wisdom teeth is cut out: It may happen at the age of 15 or 30 — all of this is considered to be normal.

But these teeth are characterized by difficulties with cutting and growth. The main reasons of problems are these:

  • The wisdom tooth has lack of resources to completely cut a gum. In this case it starts to grow in a gum, but this process stops quickly — the eight remains completely not cut out or cut out partially.
  • tooth of wisdom is cut photoThe lack of free space in a zone of growth of the eight (it is between the second molar and a joint of the top and lower jaw) often leads to a curvature. The tooth starts to grow towards a cheek aside, or seldom — in the direction inside, to a tongue.
  • Long process of cutting out, which is one of the main characteristic of wisdom teeth (it may continue from several months to one year), becomes the reason of constant inflammation caused by not healing wound.
  • Uneven growth of tooth, is when tooth cuts not the whole gum but only one part. It leads to formation of so-called “hood” in gum. The result is forming of biomaterials, which accumulate under it and become nutrients for the microbes. It is the main reason for a number of diseases. Existence of a gum hood increases the range of risk for penetration of an infection into deep tissues of gums and the parodont, that leads to big problems.

All listed problems could be solved easily, if to visit dentist at the time. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the first signs of trouble which indicate already existing complication of growing tooth.

When it is time to visit dentist?

Pain and discomfort when tooth of wisdom is cut — is normal state that needs to be stand. But the following symptoms are the main reasons to go to dentist for help:

  1. Edema and gum pain remain longer than 1-1,5 weeks.
  2. The whole cheek and the entire face are swelling from the side of the cutting tooth. It is because tooth of wisdom is cutting the cheek.
  3. wisdom teeth is cut out photoWhile cleaning teeth with, the blood traces are remaining on brush, and while eating food, a specific “metal” smack is feeling in a mouth. These signs show that gum is damaged.
  4. Appearance of unpleasant smell from a mouth.
  5. During the whole time while the eights are cut out and grow, the body temperature is increased and a general malaise is observed.
  6. The cutting tooth somehow injures a mucous membrane of a cheek, tongue, prevents full chewing of food and/or breaks quality of diction.

The simultaneously growth of several third molars, should be taken serious. Pain and strong decrease of life quality can lead to a number of complications. And long process of eruption is always a threat of infection of deeper tissues, that it is also fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Possible complications

One of the most frequent complications is formation of abscess of the cavity filled with purulent contents. It often happens when teeth start to grow and then stopped. During the process of eruption, wisdom teeth are pulled or cut out a gum and bacteria, which appear in certain conditions begin to breed actively and get into a wound. Until waste products of microbes have an outflow outside, suppuration doesn’t happen. But when the growth of tooth stops, it sooner or later leads to healing of a wound. Then bacteria are “cut off” from the outside world. Waste of their activity accumulate in a gum. And this is the way, how abscess develops.

The teething considered the hardest at adulthood, when the resources of human body are already not so strong, as in the childhood or youth. Therefore, undesirable consequences most often appear, when the wisdom tooth is cut out in the age of 30 or later.

Treatment is realizing in the cabinet of dentist, and in difficult cases (for example, if it is necessary to remove not cut through tooth) — in the cabinet of maxillofacial surgery.

How to treat at home?

If you have no opportunity to visit a dentist, and the pain of tooth eruption ruins your life, take the following advice:

  • when tooth of wisdom is cut photoDuring 2-3 days, it is possible to get rid of pain with the help of NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, Nimesil, Dikloberl, Ketanov and etc.) if it is no contraindications;
  • Regular mouth rinses with a decoction of oak bark, weak salt solution (1/2 teaspoon per glass of water), the hydrogen peroxide will help to reduce the inflammation and ease swelling of the gums;
  • It is necessary to exclude very hot, spicy, sour, sweet food which can irritate already inflamed tissue in a mouth or create pleasant conditions for reproduction of bacteria;
  • It is very important to control the quality of hygiene of teeth and gums. If pain is very strong, it is necessary to clean teeth and gums accurately, except for the painful part. Then carefully to rinse a mouth to remove the maximum quantity of a raid and particles of food from the inflamed gum.

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