Toothache after childbirth: what should I do?

Problems with the teeth after the families – the manifestation that everything is quite widespread. Suffering in the teeth, their swift, almost terrible disintegration, unpleasant odor from the mouth and numerous other signs began earlier than their own family by natural maternity companions. However, these difficulties do not arise at all – a presentation of the factors such a transformation can help prevent the formation of dental diseases after the families.


The reasons according to which toothache after childbirth, in general 3: the loss of the teeth of the mouthwashes, the problem and gum disease. However, the data are generated by capital about the impact of “special” factors.

  1. toothache after childbirth photoChanges in the hormone background. The body of the upcoming mother is rebuilt in the most significant way, in order to guarantee the formation of children and to bear all the future overloads without exception. The hormone climate is in no way a rare case, someone is also changing, which leads to the predominance of hormones in the body, which is characteristic of violating water-salt interchange.
  2. The result of this is the swelling of the gums, which can often be fraught with fraught. However, discomfort is not just one difficulty. Swelling, increased for tissue, form “pockets”, in which particles of food and a light element accumulate. This forms an irreproachable requirement for increasing and multiplying microorganisms, the life process of which leads to the formation of inflammatory actions.
  3. About the inferiority with the gums to understand freely: the presence of brushing the teeth in the brush are imprinted monthly, and after eating it is possible to feel a kind of “steel” taste in the mouth, which indicates the presence of a period.

Therefore, claims in that case, then that tooth pain after childbirth, it is often necessary to direct the gums – the painful procedure that took place in them during some months, has led to the formation of the ailments “giving” to the disease.

  • Changes in the texture and quality of saliva. The secret directly protects the deepening of the mouth from infections, as well as disinfecting properties. However, this affects the standard chemical composition of saliva. Hormone changes, unfortunately, have a great influence and in this condition. In consequence of the loss of natural “antiseptic”, the deepening of the mouth becomes helpless before microorganisms. In addition, including the problem that exists in the initial period is formed so rapidly, then earlier in the 2nd-3rd trimester and after the families, the illness is preceded in the literal sense.
  • tooth pain after childbirth photoIt is expressed by an unpleasant, putrid aroma from the mouth and the gradual formation of the pain syndrome the presence of the contact of the teeth with warm or cool food, during the cleaning of the teeth. In addition, the carious cavities increase intensively – the canine, which until the pregnancy looked healthy, after the families, it is able to appear almost completely broken caries.
  • Deficiency of rottisite elements. In order to “erect” the backbone of children, it is necessary, in the quantity of the rest, an element, a phosphor and a metal. These chemical components enter the structure of hard tooth materials. The presence of pathology during feeding during pregnancy, the element is absorbed from the bone materials of the mother. However, in the absence of replenishment of the lack of minerals in advance or belatedly comes the reduction in the density of dental enamel, the beloved becomes loose and subject to breakage. For this reason, if the disease is already crumbling after the families, the factor, or rather, as a whole, lurks in retinitis insufficiency.
  • Chemical trauma. Numerous pregnant women feel intoxication within a few months. In the event that this provision is limited to faintness and intolerance to specific products of feeding, there is no threat for the teeth. However, in the variants, if there are frequent instances of nausea, the digestive nectar, which has the qualities of acid, functions in the disease.

Methods of treatment

The treatment of teeth pain after childbirth is a rather deep and refined goal. In the main sequence due to the fact that the period of pregnancy is extremely rarely complete treatment of diseases of teeth and gums, and in the postnatal stage the girl comes to the dentist earlier with a single “bouquet” of pathologies. In addition, in-2-nd, due to the fact that in order to resume the body needs a period, which the teeth cannot be in any way.

Therefore, dental therapy in girls in the postnatal stage is oriented in the following nuances:

  1. teeth pain after childbirth photoRemoval of decayed caries materials, cleaning the carious cavity and renewing the tooth with the support of specialized polymers.
  2. Demineralizing treatment, which includes the use of dental agents (for the purpose of regional cure) and rottisite ensembles (for the purpose of the method inward).
  3. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial treatment of the presence of gum disease.


Prevention should be started as early as the planning stage of pregnancy. This will give an opportunity as well as to save the disease after the families, thus eliminating unnecessary medicinal cure during the period of bearing of children, if the dental curative difficulties will provide for themselves to understand in this period:

  • Visit the dentist for half a year until the intended conception, in order to disclose to the CC obvious difficulties with the teeth and gums, thus “suspicious” conditions, probably calling for cures.
  • Go through the whole direction of recovery determined by the dentist.
  • Take a vitamin-mineral aggregate, determined by a gynecologist or reproductive health expert.

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