Toothache in the afternoon: the main reasons, the danger and how to treat?

Whenever the toothache appears, it leads to problems. Irritating or frankly intolerable, it is really capable to ruin life. But when toothache appear in afternoon, when we need most of our energy and forces, it is much worse. So, what is the reason of appearance of the toothache on “day” and is it possible to treat it?


The reasons of pain

If toothache appears only in the afternoon, and doesn’t disturbs at night or disturb very little, there is only one reason for it:  there are some irritant in the afternoon that provoke pain.

It is possible to distinguish the most common irritants and diseases from a number of such “provokers”:

  • toothache on day before holiday photoChewing loads. Most often toothache on day appears after filling tooth, especially if the carious cavity was big, and the doctor had to come very close to a wall of the pulpozny camera during removal. In this case natural shrinkage of a seal which is especially active at the moment of chewing process, has the direct pressure upon a wall of the camera and upon a pulp. That is why, at night, when there are no chewing loads on tooth, painful feelings disappear or are shown very slightly.
  • Chemical irritants. Sweet and sour food (that means molecules of sugar and organic acids) get into dentine easily, which is sensitive to such substances. So, the reaction to this process is pain, which begins during meal or after it. But the healthy teeth protected by enamel don’t pass in the tissues substance arriving together with food or drinks. Therefore, the toothache aching and irritating which arises in the afternoon, is most often caused by problems with enamel. If pain appears only in one tooth, the reason of it is most likely, in a trauma (a chip, a crack, an attrition) and if teeth ache, the problem may be in an enamel Hyperplasia (the process of thinning of the layer).
  • The root cyst. During this pathology in the bone tissues of that are close to a root, the cyst (one or several), which walls are formed by connecting tissue develops. Infected contents are inside of it. If a cyst tooth hurts only in the afternoon, it is a symptom of pathology. The cyst become so big, that even toothbrushing or chewing of food “is transferred” through tooth tissues to her, and it responds to it with pain.

Other symptoms

The pain itself, actually, is one of main symptoms of the fact that person has some dental problems. If pain is followed by other symptoms, it is necessary to see a dentist immediately:

  1. of the toothache on day photoUnpleasant or a fetid smell from mouth, which is not tied with eating specific food (fish, garlic and etc);
  2. While pressing on tooth/teeth with a finger, it responds with unpleasant or painful feelings;
  3. Contact with cold hot, sour, sweet food is followed by pain in mouth.
  4. Some parts of gum look unusually — has swelled, has reddened or, on the contrary, looks “lifeless”: its size has decreased, and color became pale;
  5. The gum emits blood or pus, after pressing with the finger.

The presence at least of one items from list, can be symptom of the pathological process in one or several teeth. In this case, the person must visit a doctor.

The treatment

Before choosing any treatment, the doctor conducts a preliminary examination. The doctor will clean root canal and after that, tries to find out main reasons of toothache on day. Depending on the results of visual inspection and instrumental studies (probing of carious cavity, assessment of the gums, the identification of periodontal tissue illumination with a UV lamp to understand the status of enamel and detection of micro-cracks, etc.) that can be used with traditional x-rays or a more modern version of it — orthopantomogram. This method of diagnosis allows to obtain accurate information about the state of the roots and tissues of the periodontal, which can play a big role in the diagnosis and choice of treatment.

In case of enamel hypoplasia, the doctor may recommend restoration of the protective layer of the teeth with the help of modern dental materials, or the manufacture and wearing of protective pads (veneers or lumineers). In the cases of the pulp diseases or too thin and sensitive wall between the pulp and the seal, medical killing of the pulp or its removal by local anesthesia is most often made.

Tooth cyst requires surgery, as conservative treatment methods are not effective. During the operation, the cyst and pathologically changed tissues around it are removed, often together with a part of the root.

How to treat at home?

Toothache in the afternoon photoHaving toothache during the day or at night, you are not always able to visit the doctor immediately. You may have toothache on day before holiday, but it usually appears during it, when you have not ability to go to dentist. That does not mean that you should suffer. You may use a suitable pain medication, that effectively eliminates pain for 4-12 hours, depending on the chosen one.

So, analgesics like «Analgin, Baralgin, Tempalgin, Paracetamol» have a rapid effect, but their effectiveness lasts only about 4 hours. Medications from the NSAIDs group (it may be Ibuprofen, Nayz, Indomethacin, Nurofen, Nimesil, Ketanov, etc.) can relieve pain for 6 hours or even more.

And the combined medications (Viks-Aktiv, Bralets, etc.) will help to alleviate tooth pain and resolve other symptoms that developed on its background — vasospasm and headache, swelling in the inflamed area.



The only truly effective way to prevent toothache is to control the health of teeth and gums.

So, you must do several things to reduce the formation of plaque and caries (thorough oral hygiene properly selected medications) and regular visits to the dentist (once every 6 months and once every 3 months, if you have the prerequisites for dental diseases).

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