Unpleasant smell between teeth: what factor and how to remove?

The smell from the mouth is the only one with more “multi-purpose” conditions, which form an approach to people. Clean and attractive, someone has an interlocutor, and produces a sense of well-being and well-being. However, the bad smell between teeth gives rise to a feeling of disgust, from whom not anyone has measured. What is capable of denoting this feature, and perhaps a unit from it to be freed?


Halitosis (honey is the name of a stinky fragrance from the mouth) is able to form according to most circumstances. If you divide them according to the frequency, then the list will look like this:

  1. Non-compliance with the laws of hygiene. A malodorous aroma among the teeth is more generally determined by the accumulation of plaque and bacterial colonies, which are mute in the mute. Accidental or low-quality cleaning of the teeth becomes a promise to the formation, without exception, of the largest number of chestnut deposits and, in accordance with this, an increase in the number of microorganisms. The decomposing particles of food in the composition with the products of the metabolism of microorganisms are made a factor of an unpleasant, and in some cases obviously lonely, fragrance from the mouth.
  2. bad smell from teeth when flossing photoBad smell between teeth and gums (inflammation). In this case, the rotten aroma among the teeth is due to these factors, as in the original case. With this difference, the element, parts of food and bacteria do not accumulate in the plane of the teeth and in the intervals between them, but in the carious cavity or in the dentogingival pockets.
  3. Close or protruding from abroad the disease seriously complicates the cleaning of teeth, including the presence of the most painstaking approach to oral hygiene in such areas accumulates the element and bacteria.
  4. Diseases of the salivary glands. In this case, the state of health of teeth and gums does not cause any hesitation, including the presence of a painstaking examination by a professional. However, because of the incorrect work of the salivary glands, their secret (secret) changes the physic-chemical properties, that does not follow the procedure for natural cleaning of the oral cavity. Thus, too tight secret loses the ability to “wash out” the element and particles and food, which stop in the teeth and lead to the formation of an unpleasant odor. A change in the pH-composition of saliva leads to a loss of its immunogenic and enzymatic qualities, and the inability to maintain the correct microflora of the oral cavity. In this case, agents of pathogenic microflora have all the chances to be predominant and provoke rotten movements – the root cause of an unpleasant aroma.

Somatic pathologies. In the case if, including the presence of painstaking hygiene of the oral cavity and strong teeth and gums, a stinking fragrance from the mouth can be traced, the factor has all the chances to be not dental, but somatic diseases. More possible are inflammation and heartburn – suppuration of the slimy layer of the stomach and food tract, according to this. The presence of endocrine diseases, in particular, the presence of sugar diabetes, increases the concentration of glucose in the saliva, what forms the appropriate requirement for the reproduction of microorganisms.

Furious sinusitis, an exhausted runny nose, constant inflammation are other more popular prerequisites for an unpleasant odor. A more characteristic indicator of halitosis, initiated by diseases of internal organizations, is a kind of rotten or rotten aroma that does not weaken even after thorough cleaning of the teeth, so that “bad elements” are not contained in the plane of the teeth or gums, but in the composition people’s atmosphere.


A truly unique feature, thus, as well as somebody to exert influence in almost all areas of existence without exception can characterize halitosis.

  • bad smell between teeth photoUnpleasant odor forces people to rapidly reduce interaction and reduce the area of ​​social contacts, then, which in advance or belatedly leads to isolation and the formation of an inferiority ensemble.
  • If the fragrance factor from the mouth lurks in dental cures (a complete problem) – their natural results will be the formation of all without exception the most serious pathologies, right up to the loss of teeth.
  • Diseases of internal organizations that accompany foul or putrid odor among the teeth or the presence of breathing is ready to modify in capital, threatening not previously public status, but the very existence of the person. For example, the relationship among the long-standing gastritis and on all four stomachs has been repeatedly proven in the course of numerous studies. You need to control bad smell from teeth when flossing.

Methods of treatment

Treatment of halitosis is directly dependent on the factors that required this position.

  1. unpleasant smell between teeth photoWhen disclosing dental curative diseases, they are treated with therapeutic or surgical methods (sealing of the carious cavity, removal of the presence of gingival hyperplasia, competent cleaning of teeth from mineralized deposits and processing of dent gingival pockets, etc.).
  2. With the disclosure of bite abnormalities, which incite deposits of plaque and do not allow high-quality oral hygiene in any way, correction of occlusion by orthodontic concepts is recommended. In the event that this species does not fit the circumstances, the patient is provided with advice according to oral hygiene. In particular, the use of the irrigator follows, which removes the element from the more inaccessible zones. In addition, the preventive visit of the dentist and the competent cleaning of the teeth in such variants are presented not once 1 every six months, but 1 every 3 months.

Experts of the proper profile – gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, etc., treat diseases of internal organizations that have become factors of unpleasant odor.


  • Maintenance of the health of teeth and gums is considered the main preventive way. Systematic and high-quality cleaning of teeth will give an opportunity as well as to remove the aroma among the teeth, thus, and in no way allow the formation of dental diseases, which are generally made a factor of stable halitosis.
  • Control of the unified capital of well-being is no less significant. In the event that you have either planned or planned somatic diseases, you should go the direction of recovery, which can help to take the disease around the supervision, and not give the opportunity to influence the letter in the vigor of your breathing, the letter in life activity in full.

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