What is the reason when the child’s teeth are not cut?

The condition, if the children do not have a stable disease, can be undetected for a long time. In the first opinion, it may seem at first glance that this is unrealistic: in the event that “devastation” is traced for a long time in the site of a jumped tooth, it is impossible not to realize in any way that this is incorrect. However, the situation is different: boiling illness for a long time and firmly adhere to the gums, for this reason, the lack of stable teeth does not disturb the letter of the father and mother, the letter of the most children. For what reason is this done in this way, and if it is necessary to “pound alarm”?


Causes when the child’s teeth are not cut?

  1. when the child's teeth are not cut photoThe most popular factor of this, is that the main diseases in children can not be resolved – this, as well as the letter is surprising, the excessive excitement of his father and mother. After reading or finding out from someone’s texts about the usual year of replacement of teeth and realizing that their child or daughter “lags” behind the generally accepted measures, the father and mother give this unnecessary role.
  2. And to lose sight of the fact that any baby is formed personally, and the time of eruption of stable teeth established in pediatric and dentist practice is given averaged characteristics.
  3. For this reason, if the children’s position is acceptable, their physiological and intellectual formation proceeds in accordance with the norm, in this case the basis for the replacement of the teeth in 5 years and 8 years is given in accordance with the norm, and there is only a delay in the replacement of teeth in the fantasy of the father and mother.

Quite different is the problem when a child teeth are cut, if children have any traces of or differences in formation, they have difficulty with snow teeth (curvature, lack of enamel, numerous problems, etc.), someone sustained a maxillofacial trauma. In this case, the factor of this, for what reason for a long time the disease cannot be resolved in any way, is capable of:

  • Violations of the exchange of elements, in particular – the calcium exchange. More generally, this situation is formed in the background of kidney diseases, and in addition the presence of a deficiency of vitamin D.
  • Damage to the embryos of the teeth. Already after the injury, the gums and jaws are all chances to be criminals in this way called the areas of increasing stable teeth, which leads to their erroneous, delayed eruption, including stopping the increase in the gums.
  • Absence of embryos of stable teeth. Genetic distinctive features and natural flaws in the formation cause this situation. In a child with chromosomal illnesses, and in addition, the mothers who were born during ARVI pregnancy, the disease, rubella, took substances with teratogenic effects; the inconsistency is generally seen in general.
  • when a child teeth are cut photoAnother explanation for this is that all children without exception have more or less stable teeth, anthropologists give. According to their view, the quality of feeding and the type of existence in the full, which regularly increases in the course of several centuries, has created a stable illness optional from the point of view of development. Overloads, which are brought into the disease according to the period of chewing a tender, thermally processed food, absolutely have all chances to endure and boiled illness. For this reason, the body’s expenditure in the development and increase of stable teeth is meaningless. To what extent this objectively, is capable of demonstrating only a period. However, what cannot be denied – this precedent. Dentists quite often in a messy way notice in elder patients boiling illness, which are entirely controlled with their own functions and in no way activate anxiety.

When you need to go to the doctor?

If your children do not get sick for a long time, consulting with a doctor in no way will not be superfluous. The doctor looks at the deepening of the mouth of children, will perceive the position of the gums and snow teeth and the presence of the need will distribute the orthopantomogram. This current resemblance to radiographic study, however, with the least portion of radial influence, for this reason is not unhealthy even for small children. This method of study makes it possible to prove the presence of embryos of stable teeth or their deficiency.

In connection with the results of the orthopantomogram, proper therapy will be determined.

However, it is necessary to go to the doctor even up to the permissible replacement of the teeth, if there is a single or a number of traces from the following signs:

  1. children do not have a covering of teeth or its plane is furrowed with furrows, stripes, specks;
  2. dairy disease crumbles;
  3. temporary diseases initially grew unevenly, their cutting was difficult or could be traced which, in this case, other differences;
  4. the child often does not cope with colds or he has been diagnosed with protracted pathologies;
  5. The child withstood this or that or injury of gums, teeth, jaws or personality.

The listed conditions have all the chances to be an indicator of incorrect development of the teeth and dent alveolar concept in full, and in addition determine, in that case, that the illnesses existing in children are ready to adversely affect the replacement of teeth.


Treatment when a child teeth are cut?

After consultation with the dentist, the father and mother will be provided with explanations regarding this, in which the main illness will be cut and the unit may be told about the suspension of the replacement of the teeth in a particular case.

If the dentist has reasons to believe that the role of which or pathology has a role, the cure strategy can be developed in the following directions, in connection with the distinctive features of the medical incident:

  • when a child teeth are cut photoActivation of tooth enlargement. For the purpose of this, vitamin and mineral substances and physiotherapeutic methods are used, which can help eliminate the vitamin and mineral deficiency and exert an incentive effect in the embryo of the teeth.
  • Support for snow teeth. In moments, if short-term illness is firmly and firmly sitting in the gums, and radiographic study has proved in their well-formed sources and the lack of embryos of stable teeth, all without effort diligence follows in maintaining the well-being of the snow teeth. With a view to this, the children are scheduled to have a check-up at the dentist and sanitation of the oral cavity, advice is given according to the distinctive features of the service due to teeth and gums and course therapy with vitamin-rottisite ensembles at a frequency of 2-4 occasionally.
  • Orthopedic therapy. The maximum difficulty assumes the conditions, if the boiled illness has got, but did not change stable. In this case, dentistry is carried out – the installation of replaceable or non-removable prostheses. This kind of aspect makes it possible not only to resume the performance of the dental unit, but it can also help to save the property of diction of children and prevent probable mental difficulties associated with the lack of teeth.

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