Why do I have yellow teeth?

The yellowness of the teeth constantly makes a representation of untidiness, including in the case when the disease, in full, is strong and their “owner” thoroughly observes due to hygiene of the oral cavity. However, in the event that the fang quickly clicked, and began to differ in the background of others, this sends to the idea of ​​which disease. More generally, this is the way it is, but from the number of painful factors of this feature there are absolutely “harmless” conditions.

Causes why did my tooth turn yellow?

Although it is customary to consider, that the color of teeth is dependent on the tone of the enamel, in the very process itself, because of the given, there corresponds a fletcher – a material that stays directly near the enamel. For this reason, without exception, all the prerequisites for this, for what reason the fangs have been chopped, it is necessary to find directly why did my teeth turn yellow:

  • what to do if your teeth are turning yellow photoTermination of income in tissue calorie elements. In the bulk of the situation, this is associated with incomplete or absolute death of the pulp (inflammation), which corresponds to the supply and innervation of the teeth. In this kind of conditions in the dentin, which ceases to acquire the elements required for it, degenerative changes are taking place. Figural speaking, someone begins to forcibly grow old, what looks like the gradual slippage of yellowness in the “lifeless” tooth, which is then replaced in a darkish-chestnut and, as a result, a dark color.
  • Damage to the enamel. Together with food and drinks, the decorating elements – pigments entering the structure of the expresso, berries and fruits, chocolate, scarlet cause, etc., are entered into the mouth cavity with the food and drinks. The dentin is separated from the dentin by dental coating, not allowing direct contact and dentine staining. However, if the coating is thinned due to tooth grinding, the distinctive features of its texture (vagueness and high transmittance), and the insulating interlayer is torn and, over time, the pigments show their own influence in the tissue. In this case, the yellowness tone is dependent on the pigments entering the structure of the more consumed food or elixirs – from chestnut, to light green.
  • The presence of inhalation through the mouth of greenish-brown smoke, extremely large temperatures affect the coating of the teeth. With the course of the period, they increase the transmittance of the enamel, through which pigment of greenish-brown smoke and tar begins to act. Taking into account in this case, the fact that fierce tobacco smokers have a manner of squeezing a cigarette with their teeth, often the leading canine teeth turns yellow, more often and directly communicating with the edge of the tobacco.
  • Periodontal disease. The presence of contagious or inflammatory actions in periodontal matter, which are preserved in the absence of a corresponding cure, in the pathology in advance or belatedly, involved the sources of the teeth. If the changes begin to touch the root canals, the decomposition of the materials instantly expands into the pulp and the crown portion of the tooth, in this quantity, into the tissue. In this case, it is possible to identify what has clicked the fang at the root, and with the course of the period this coloring drops downwards or rises upward (in connection with this, this kind of fang resides in this or that jaw), according to the direction to the cutting tooth.
  • Dental materials used. In the teeth that have been sealed for a long time, staining can be carried out with the help of the influence of the dioxygen-benzene-formalin paste, which was previously used to seal the root canals. This coloration is very stable, and is able to manifest itself most or less much in connection with the number of paste applied and the distinctive features of the texture of dentin materials.

Possible complications

The most obvious consequence of the yellowing of the tooth is the reduction in the self-expression of the face, especially if the etiologic canine lies ahead and is accessible to the beliefs of the presence around the face, a smile, laughter, and conversation. However, burdens can get out of the bounds of emotional discomfort because of:

  1. why did my teeth turn yellow photoComplete decay of the crown part of the tooth and the need for prosthetics;
  2. The spread of a contagious or necrotic course in strong matter;
  3. The destruction of the root of the tooth, something that pulls because of the need for prosthetics or implantation.

Despite the fact that a change in the tone of the tooth does not always indicate which disease, in each case, one should resort to a doctor. Only a highly qualified dentist is able to establish the prerequisites of this feature and to respond appropriately according to the resumption of the aesthetics of the smile or according to the cure of the detected pathology.

Methods what to do if your teeth are turning yellow

The choice of a particular method of cure depends on the factors of the yellowing of the tooth.

Therefore, if the fang has gushed at the gums, the conversation is able to follow the diseases of periodontal disease and infection in the root canals, what will require the radiographic examination and, the need, in the anatomy of the tooth and examination of its canals.

In proving the pathology of periodontal and canals, the cure strategy is able to contain:

  • why did my tooth turn yellow photoDepilation of the tooth and the implementation of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial therapy;
  • Irrigation and application of pharmaceutical substances, the effect of which is oriented to improving the tropism of materials;
  • Reception of substances of the whole effect, specialized for the purpose of increasing immunity, stimulating blood circulation, etc.;
  • Removal of the tooth, if the decay of his name has come very far and the therapy is pointless.

When dentin is painted with rhetoric-formalin, foodstuffs or greenish-brown pigments, it is possible to present the external bleaching or the mental (with the bleaching composition being laid in the previously prepared tooth groove).

If the fletcher was previously subjected to significant changes, and the property of enamel does not allow bleaching, one possibility to renew the refinement of the tooth is considered the installation of a lining depicting the plane of the tooth. The beloved chooses “color in color” for her teeth, and is not accented in the teeth.


The main criteria to reduce the risk of yellowing of the tooth are:

  1. Qualitative and systematic care of the oral cavity, which independently for themselves – a strong way to prevent dental diseases;
  2. Address to the doctor presence of the first because of the properties of the change in the tone of the tooth. About this have all the chances to indicate not only individual studies, but also “external information” – about this, what the fang has clicked on, the photograph or note of friends indicates in this way justifiably, as well as the display in the mirror;
  3. Control must be harmful habits – in case you cannot completely eliminate tobacco smoking, use specialized filters, mouthpieces and reduce the number of smoked tobacco to the minimum amount.

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